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Sunday 27 Feb - Cruising

Discussion in 'VIC' started by R1_lover, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Ruggers count me in, lm just around the corner near Viewbank College, so yell out any night you want to go for a quick ride.


  2. Sounds good Ruggers - I'm just up the road in Plenty.

    I'm kind-of on call ATM with a new baby nearly due :D - but as long as everything's quiet on that front, a ride on Sunday sounds great.
    I can't venture too far though, just in case I get "the call" ;)
  3. I may be able to go.. depends how early though, i'm working the night before till 5AM, get to sleep around 5:45 :/
  4. How about we come past your way Luke and head out towards Broadford maybe stop at Woodend for a bite and coffee then head back.

    Anyone else interested??

    This is just a short ride, so theres no need to head off early....maybe meetup around 11.30 in Greensborough then head out through Plenty to grab Luke.

  5. Sounds great to me ;)

    That's a nice ride.


    I may not go all the way - depending on how Hayley is feeling I might just head up to Broadford and back. Don't want to be too far away in case the baby decides to arrive :D
  6. Ok Ruggers..how does this sound

    Meeting point- 11.00am-Greensborough KFC-27th Feb at the carpark behind in Henry St directly opposite Safeway-11.30 Departure

    Head through Greensborough through Yarrambat to meet up with Eberbachl-Luke at 12.00 somewhere along the way.

    We can head off from there up to say Wondong for coffee & something to eat then head back.

    How does that sound guys??
  7. I might rock up aswell.

  8. Might??!!!!!!!! Get up off ya **** and get on ya bike ya lazy sod :shock: :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  9. rofl .... ok mum :D
  10. That sounds like a great plan!

    Don't worry about picking me up on the way through. I'll come down and meet you guys at 11:00am at KFC ;)

    It's only five minutes from my place.


    Looking forward to it.
  11. Hope we can get a few more to come sunday. I will post it up on OCAU.MC & FireEAGLE as well, lm sure theres a few in there would enjoy a ride :D
  12. So far we have...


    Looking good for Sunday,...dont ya just love riding!!!! :twisted:
  13. Me Me Me oh don't forget me!
    Actually, I thought I'd replied to this.
    Oh well, thanks to XG8 for bringing it to my attention :)

  14. I'm interested. I'll see how hung over I am after Sat night's party at HQ :p
  15. Theres a few going racing at Broadford over the weekend, is anyone interested in calling in for a look during the ride?
  16. I'd love to pop in at Broadford, it's a great venue to check out the racing.

    I'll ride up that way with you - it's not too far, and a nice ride but I won't stay for the racing...don't want to leave Hayley and "Junior":D for too long.

  17. aye, but i think theres a $15 entry fee...
  18. OK!!...forget that idea....lol.... l wont be going to the track, but if anyone else wants to thats up to them.
  19. I might be in on this one....
  20. Those coming so far


    And the list grooooows!!! :D