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Sunday 22/1/12 Super fun awesometastic ride.

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Compliance, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Compliance’s Sunday *Loopty-loop-double-double-back-mostly-corners-not-many-straights-law-abiding-but-mostly-hooning* ride extravaganza party event!

    Sunday 22/01/2012

    Meet pont: Lang-Lang right near the knee dragging circle (roundabout)

    Time: 9:30am meet for 10:00am departure (sharp)

    This ride will have a bit of everything. It’s open to everybody but I wouldn’t recommend it for learners or occasional riders. You must be confident dealing with “oh s**t” situations as these will be country roads where anything from cows, trucks, missing parts of the road, fallen debris to cows driving trucks on your side of the road may be present.

    Having said that, so long as you are able to ride to your ability and your ability is sufficient as to ride at the posted limits you should be fine.

    Skill level according to the net rider guide will be 3 to 4.

    The meet point is a fair way out of the city as to circumvent boring straights so you can have your head phones in bopping to kylie minogue to kill time without fear of other riders in the group seeing your flailing and motodancing and looking at you funny for the rest of the day.

    Roughly 500km, 6-8 hours with an opt out point about halfway for those with squishy bottoms.


    Oh and *This is not an organised ride, if you attend you do so at your own peril etc*
  2. Bugga, got the kids this weekend.
    If you're going down McDonalds Track, towards PooWong, be careful coming out of Nyora.
    The first R/H bend is pretty badly broken up.
    Have a great ride. (y)
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  3. I should be right for this. I'll let you know should plans change :)
  4. Any ideas on the route? I'm keen to explore this area of Vic.
  5. Sorry Compliance, plans for the weekend have taken a turn and it doesn't look like I'll be able to head out for a full day on the bike :(
  6. This law abiding but mostly hooning ride extravaganza sounds like my sort of ride. Having said that, I can't go as I've committed myself to the MRM group BBQ.](*,) You know, the one that you're still on the maybe list for.

    Oh well, hope we can catch up for another ride soon mate.
  7. *This ride has been terminated*

    Food and not much riding but mostly standing and looking at bikes talking about riding seems to be fad this weekend.

    Oh wells next time :)
  8. Does this mean I'll be seeing ya at the BBQ on Sunday ?

    Don't terminate it, just postpone it for the Australia day long weekend.
  9. Yeah thats the plan. Hopefully the weather is good.

    See you tomorrow!
  10. bugger wish i'd seen this SAT night was dying for a ride sunday. will be keeping an eye out from now on.