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Sunday 20/5 ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Slow Coach, May 18, 2012.

  1. I need to get out and enjoy the scenic victorian countryside.

    Only a simple ride out to Noojee for lunch. Leaving the Mobil at Wellington and Stud intersection at 10:30am on Sunday.

    Route something like- Noojee and Back.

    See whoever on Sunday morning.
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  2. See ya there, need to scrub in the new rear.
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  3. Will see how I am on the day, but I might be up for that.

    Got worms? :butt:
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  4. I snorted
  5. I reckon this sounds more like me and my capability at this stage. Are you open for a slow L to ride at the posted limits :) ?
  6. ima probly do this run if it's not super cold on sunday.

    am slow, will hang back with yum.

    it's a great run for new riders. twisty but not tight, beautiful road, relaxing.
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  7. Happy for an Old and Slow rider / newbie to join [MENTION=23043]Slow Coach[/MENTION]
  8. Would love to come, but I've already put one up on the Sunday Learner ride!!!
    Don't mean to threadjack, sorry!! :angel:
    Just might meet up at Noojee,,,Ya never know!!!
  9. Slow Coach,

    Which way are you planning on heading?

    I might be able to catch the group along the way.

    I was planning a ride out that way anyway but from Lang Lang

    Cheers Daniel
  10. Happy for however to join. Will use tec and corner markers if required etc.

    Route will be via gem brook and poweltown etc.
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  11. looks like a beautiful trip.. suprised myself that ive never been out that way before.. will await a re run of this one when i get my bike.. might have to trial it in the cage before then though :)

    which way do you head out? north east and through three bridges or via the m1 highway?
  12. All going well Sam and I should be in for this..........I bet you havent heard that before....

  13. See whoever at the start.i think the mobil servo is now seven eleven.
  14. Count Wilco and I in on this one. C u there....
  15. Hmm...
    Not too early a start: Check
    Nice looking roads: Check
    No rain forecast: Check
    No pressure to go fast: Check

    Looks like all my boxes are ticked so count me in for the day. See you all at the place they dispense the go-juice. I think I better rug up warm though!
  16. See you there
  17. We are leaving Tarneit at 9am and will get breakfast on the way if anyone out west was to ride along....
  18. If you see a group at Tool Shed containing a 1098, Ninja 250 & 650 and an Sp1, come and say hi.
  19. I'll be there. Need to break in new leathers.

    ZX6R oh yeah...
  20. I should have done this.... too late to catch up now