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Sunbury Honda closed??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Ned, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Cruising past today I noticed there seemed to be no new bikes in the shop and none out the front like normal. I didn't have time to stop and check to see if there was a sign on the door, can anyone elaborate on this possible end of Honda in Sunbury?

    We've had Kawasaki, Yamaha and now Honda, will there be a Suzuki next, I doubt it with Raceway just down the Calder. Perhaps a European brand, who knows.

  2. I think they were there yesterday when I dropped into the motorcycle mechanic/shop beside Honda.
  3. Peter Thievens probably just steam rolled them
  4. The link on their website for bikes for sale goes to a page that says "Dealer Invalid".

    Also not listed on the Honda Dealership Locator off the Honda website.....
  5. That sounds pretty terminal
  6. I went past today and all their bikes are gone. They have a few racks of clothes left but the entire store is otherwise empty.
    I think it's safe to say that they are closing down.
  7. shame, i had the workshop do rear disc/sprockets new tyres. was a decent price and was happy with the service.
  8. Granted, your comment would be out of dissappointment for Darren and his staff and l trust you are not using this difficult time for Darren to take a cheap shot at PSM.

    We're also not happy about the closure of any LBS. Overall it is bad for the motorcycling community, business and the sport and involvement in general.

    If there are any dealings between you and PSM that causes your comment of "Thievens" we would be very interested to know. Please PM any details (date, receipt #, branch, department) and it will be investigated. If we are found to be in error then possibly a refund or credit will be issued to you.

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  9. +1!

    Applaud the offer PSM. :applause:

    We're glad to note that you're on the site. I hope it goes part way to help PSM address the perception issues that it has in the rider community.
  10. I have dealt with PSM Ringwood numerous times in the year I'd the bike and they always have been wonderful to deal with.

    Haven't had the bike serviced there yet but have bought about a thousand dollars worth of stuff from there and have always got a service with a smile. Paz is one of the guys there who I normally see and his enthusiasm is contagious, to say the least! :)

    Having said that - the other staff there are pretty good as well. (y)
  11. Does anybody know why did they closed down the dealership. I bought my bike there and was very happy with their service. Darren, Michael and Tony all were very professional to deal with and they always offered very personalised service. Sad to see them going....
  12. I don't know the owners of this store or if in fact they will be closing but a few people have told me there ideas of why these single brand stores are closing down in general.
    Simply put, businesses that sell only one make of brand bike struggle to compete against store with multiple brands.
    For example dealer 1 has brand a only and dealer 2 has brands a and b and maybe c.
    Well dealer 2 can afford to sell bikes a lot lower to make the sale compared to dealer 1 and they still have others brands to make some margin on.
    At the same time dealer 1 has stock sitting around that they cannot move because they are trying to retail at full price.
  13. Fair point Motorcycleracegear. The only reason why i didn't buy my bike at Peter Stevens was that they had sold all the Reppies in stock and it was limited edition and there not gonna get more of them and Sunbury Honda was the only dealership that was willing to match PS price. From a customer's perspective I would like to go to a store\dealership where I can compare bikes and gear under one roof and PS from that perspective is great. I love going to PS during my lunch break as I work in the city and get to see something new everytime I go there, variety and price are the key things i guess.
  14. Going by my experience when buying gear ( RST jeans and some gloves )from PSM FTG nothing but A1 service & price