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Sunax Internal Helmet Visor

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by RedNinja, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Recently found a product that sorted a problem I had with Sun glare and wanted to share.

    I live out in the Western burbs of Melbourne and the commute is horrid, not because of the traffic (well maybe a bit) but mostly the Sun. It's in your eyes morning and then again going home and a tinted visor doesn't help enough. My eyes really take a beating and it's very hard to see what the traffic is doing or very far ahead, making it dangerous on the commute.

    Then I saw this product ad in Two Wheels mag for Sunax visors from the UK. Nifty little bit of kit that sits inside your lid that acts like a sun shade for your eyes (you don't actually look through it).



    Net result is when the sun is in my eyes, this provides a strip of extra tint that fitlers out the harsh sun (much like the tinted strip on the top of some car windshields) and I can see what I am doing on the way home. It really works as advertised and was only $38 posted. It gets a Big Thumbs up from me.

    This is the site I bought mine from:

    Actual Product Site:

  2. That looks brilliant. Thats exactly the problem I have too.

    It just looks like a strip of plastic which I could probably make myself
  3. gsxxer - Yeah you could probably make it yourself, but it is made of multiple metal layers of tint and they laser cut the edges so you get no distortion from the edges in your field of view. And at $38 imo if it fits your helmet type is it worth the stuffing around?
  4. is it see through?
  5. Yeah Goz it is see through. Is like dark tinted sunnies that you can look at the sun with without hurting your eyes. Most the time it just shades your eyes, but if you need more tint you just dip you head a fraction.
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  8. TheRuss: I can't view yt at work and will check it out if i remember tonight.
  9. Hmmm are tinted or autotinted visors in Aussie legal?

    I know what you mean about glare and I occasionally ride home with the sun in my eyes, its right irritating, and dangerous. Id love like, a light tinted visor, that slowly gets darker the more intense the light on it gets..

    IS it legal though?
  10. Put some tape on it!

    Cheap and effective.
  11. Lol good one.
  12. Does this seller give you any kind of shipping notification?

    Ive bought a few items recently on the net, this sun visor included, and theyve all seemed to disappear with my money.......
  13. Hi Gsxxer

    Glad you like your sunshield. I have just become the Australian distributor for Sunax and thought I'd try and answer some of the questions that have been asked. I'm not spruiking for business, just clarifying some points.

    Sunax' products are legal. They comply with ECE25. The issue with tinted visors is a bit fuzzy. Some are legal, others aren't. Whether legality is an issue is really up to whoever pulls you over. NSW Police have been having a bit of a blitz in some areas lately.

  14. So what's your netrider special price then? :)
  15. I really like this idea, but not sure my KBC modular (FFR - I think) will take it
  16. Does your product comply with the below listed standard ? IF you need to get it certified drop me a PM and I will point you to the right place to do it

    AS/NZS 1067:2003 : Sunglasses and fashion spectacles

    This Standard specifies minimum requirements for sunglasses and sunglass lenses of nominal plano power, and which are not prescription lenses, intended for protection against solar radiation for general use, for social and domestic purposes, including road use and driving.
    NOTE: Information on the use of sunglasses lenses is provided in Appendix A.
    This Standard applies to the following:
    (a) Spectacles comprising tinted lenses of nominal zero power mounted in a spectacle frame.
    (b) Individual tinted lenses of nominal zero power intended for use in sunglasses.
    (c) Rimless sunshields and one piece visors.
    (d) Clip-on and slip-on type sunglasses.
    (e) Children’s sunglasses.
    This Standard does not apply to the following:
    (i) Safety glasses and safety goggles intended to provide protection against optical radiation. AS/NZS 1337 and AS/NZS 1338 apply to safety glasses and safety goggles.
    (ii) Eyewear for protection against radiation in solaria. AS/NZS 2635 applies to these lenses.
    (iii) Ski goggles.
    (iv) Glasses for use as toys and clearly and legibly labelled as toys.

    Proposes a specification of physical properties for sunglasses and sunglass lenses of nominal plano power, and which are not prescription lenses, intended for protection against solar radiation for general use, for social and domestic purposes, including road use and driving.


    Mandatory standards

    The purpose of a mandatory standard is to make particular safety or information features on consumer products compulsory for legal supply of the product into the Australian market.

    Mandatory safety standards

    Mandatory safety standards are made for products that are likely to be especially hazardous. In making mandatory safety standards, the government protects consumers by specifying minimum requirements that products must meet before they are supplied. Safety standards require goods to comply with particular performance, composition, contents, methods of manufacture or processing, design, construction, finish or packaging rules.

    Selling non-compliant products
    It is a myth that it is legal to sell non-compliant products if the customer accepts that the product does not comply.

    Does this apply to your business?

    Under the Trade Practices Act, supply includes being in the business of:

    * selling
    * exchanging
    * leasing or hiring out
    * offering for sale through hire purchase.

    This mandatory standard applies to anyone in the business of supplying sunglasses and fashion spectacles, including:

    * manufacturers
    * importers
    * distributors
    * retailers
    * hirers.

    Penalties & consequences

    Supplying products that do not comply with a mandatory standard or ban is an offence under the Trade Practices Act.

    Fines for non-compliance are:

    * up to $1.1 million for companies
    * up to $220 000 for individuals.

    Various penalties also currently apply in Australian states and territories. Fines are just one of the tools regulators may use to prevent and resolve breaches of product safety regulations. This page explains the range of possible tools used to promote a safe marketplace.
  17. Mine arrived in the post from Germany today: $A49 including postage. I've got the BX Steel, deeper cut for upright RT rider :cool:

    Looks good, now I need some sunshine to check it out; this weekend's forecast looks good (y)
  18. Just wondering if you’re still doing the sunax visor inserts? If so, do they come with a compliance sticker attached, as I think we need these to be legal? And if still selling them can you PM me a price and buying guide? If not all good thanks anyway!
  19. Could also try Peter Stevens in the city , Linda . That's where I got mine from .
  20. Oops ! Sorry Linda , got you mixed up with someone else . I got mine from Peter Stevens Adelaide store , but it's possible that Peter Stevens in Melbourne may stock them also .