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Sun is shining, beeoootiful day <SIGH>

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iffracem, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Masses of bikes on the road, heading out for day trips......

    And here I am, stuck inside, babysitting a stoopid, cantancerous piece of electronic CRAP ](*,)
    I hope Mr's Dell, Hewlett and Packard, Gates, Jobs, etc etc etc rot in hell. :evil:

    I gotta get me a real job.

    Get out and have a good ride you lot, it's a perfect day down here. :biker:

  2. Perfect day in Melbourne aswell.
    I just discovered that the neighbour had a Virago stashed under their house! He just wheeled it out and fired it up for the first time in a few years.
  3. Beautiful day in Wollongong too, and the Hornet's in the shop finding out why the thermo fan doesn't work. :cry:

    Never mind, looking forward to meeting up with Sir Skuffy tonight for a ride and a chat :grin:
  4. Well Koma, go over and say "welcome back, where we riding to?"

    Hornet, scrap the thermo sender, just wire in a manual switch... then get yer arse out there :LOL:

  5. It's a fantastic day.
    Heaps of bikes out there. Yaaaaay! :grin: :grin: :grin:
    I just popped in to Scumbag's work; serious renovations going on.
  6. Ripper day here in melb, just got home from picking up my bike, new Metzeler ME880s fitted, BIG difference to the stock Dunlop’s, lunch & I’m off to scrub em in.
  7. Cya ya out there DuHast :)
    I'm just home for a quick bite and then I'm back out again :)

  8. I reckon I've seen about 20 Virago's today.
    4 all parked in a row at vic market looked real sweet
  9. These Metzeler tires came with more pricklies on them than an Arizona cactus, so i got some advice for scrubing them in-

    Ride Fast, Take Chances :LOL:
  10. hmmm is it ever bad weather in Brisbane? I've heard we're in a heat wave??? in winter?? sunshine state indeeeeeed :D
  11. grumble griumble

    Went out of the cave (no windows) that passes as office space for IT mushrooms, to get some lunch

    It's an even better day now :facepalm:

    Ah well.. always another day.

    Where's that hammer, time for a bit of delicate persuasion on Mr Dell's server :mad:
  12. Oh what a day it was yesterday,
    ( Didn't get to post last night Bc as soon as I got home I had to shower change and go hit the turps :twisted: )

    I was running late yesterday and had plans to meet up with PNUT and the crew later in the day around Flinders..... they never got there :LOL: :LOL:

    So after a blat across Red hill to flinders and two runs from there ova to Rosebud via Boneo rd , Then stopped for lunch back at Flinders pub B4 some more runs all over the hills/peninsula and another fuel stop in Rye.
    Covered just on 380k up in them thar hills :twisted:

    I must say group rides are fun but sometimes just getting out by yourself is a whole lot of fun too :cool: .
    Only had one OH OH moment just as I was moving back onto the seat after a nice L/H sweeper, at lets say slightly more than posted speed limit :twisted:
    When I saw one of our law enforcment officers standing next to his car :shock: followed by a quick glance at my speedo. ( I did mumble something under my breath but cant remember what it was :LOL: )
    I backed off slightly expecting the unwanted, but instead to my surprise and glee he shook his head,smiled and waved me on :shock:
    I was either lucky or he could sence I was in rider narvarna and didn't want to spoil my 'chee'
  13. Or... he's one of the smart ones, who knew that he'd just achieved his real goal, he got you to slow down, and you weren't hurting anyone.

    But, he's knackered, cos Mr Gum'nt will have lackeys reading this forum, they'll use junior spy deductions to work out the when where and who that plod was, and he'll be demoted to counting stolen pork rashers for eterntity!
    Why, cos the gum'nt lost some important revenue when you were allowed to enjoy your "chee".

    Glad you had a good day. :p

    Me, I left the cave at 2:30 am, went home for a bit o' shuteye. Now I'm back to hopefully finish the job.

    On the good side, while waiting for things to happen (while hoping they won't of course), I did some work on my resume, it's never looked so good. :cool:

    Ahh well, back to the pooters.. where did I put that voodoo doll of Bill Gates.. Damn.. ran out of needles, chicken livers and goats blood!!! Smack.. OI SMACK!!!, where's the spare sacrificial goat???
  14. Iffracem, get a LART and a Cluebat. It's all you'll ever need.

    My MD promised me a Cluebat, so long as he got one too.

    If work's boring, get to User Friendly for some IT comedy. The archive goes back to when it first started in 1997. Plenty of entertainment.
  15. I used to be a "UFie", but now I model myself on the BOFH ( http://www.theregister.co.uk/odds/bofh/ ) :demon:

    I subscribed to MAKE: magazine ( http://www.makezine.com/magazine/ ) and over the weekend have read every single article of every single issue on line :shock: Including the "instructables" etc :eek:hno:

    Also done some serious research into the innards of my project bike the GS850G "Ol' Dunger", including scratching up ideas for the artwork I'll be airbrushing onto it............

    As well as perusing these forums..... Just my luck the weather is good and a lot are out riding so even these forums are slow............

    Ah well, if anyone at my work sees me tomorrow... they're LOST :LOL:
  16. It could be worse mate, you could be studying like me :tantrum: