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Sun/6/12, Twistie run, Fairfield BP, 9:30am, Class 4

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Danos, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, Im going to do this typical fun twistie run on Sunday 6th of Dec (only day off this week) and just seeing if anyone wants to join me.

    I dont think im the fastest guy out there (on my humble 400) but i will definitely go the limit 8-[ and push myself a little through the twisties so im classing it as 4.

    Ive mapped out a basic route and then (after i join back onto the B360) i plan to go back the same way to get maximum twistie action but depending on who comes out, im always open to new routes or whatever.


    I like to have lunch in Warburton because they have a servo across a cafe with some vegetarian choices but again am open to any suggestions.

    I have never done Acheron way C507 so i dont know what its like but i love the rest of it.

    If you feel like a ride on Sunday meet me at Fairfield "BP" Heidelberg Rd (close to Station st) at say 9:30am for 10 start.
  2. Sorry guys, my map doesnt seem to work well but you get the idea...
  3. have you got a addy for the meet point?
  4. iirc isn't half of acheron way dirt?

    Street view

    I know this as I did it once, on the hyo. Quite scenic, not rough dirt, a little loose, but do able if your careful. I averaged out at about 40-50 through there, though this was quite some time back. If it's been tarred let me at it!
  5. no it's still dirt
  6. I did Acheron Way in my 4wd and it was fun, avoid unless you have a dirt bike.
  7. Are you still going Acheron way?
  8. Hi guys, sorry for the late repliy, been working hard and late and currently at an internet cafe with a super SLOW connection. :nopity:

    Ok, i dont know the exact address of the meet point but its soon after you turn off Alexandra parade onto Heidelberg RD on the right side just after you cross Station st. Its a BP. Sorry i cant be more helpful but if you look at the link it should be easy to find.

    I will absolutely NOT be going on any roads that are dirt so instead of going up Acheron way, we can go back up reefton, down black spur and follow the Maroondah or decide on some other route. Im also happy to just go back the way we came which is what i usually do to ensure max twistie action.

    We'll see how we're feeling..

    Ill be there 9:30am and wait until 10. See yas!
  9. Thanks Danos see you in the morning if I can find that place, I'm in SE Sub.
  10. I was thinking about going for a ride out that way tomorrow, your plans look like a bit more fun than what I was gonna do so I might tag along if I can get up early enough.
    Plus i'm getting a little bored of riding by myself.
  11. Thanks for posting up the run Danos I had a great ride :grin:and it was good to meat new people.Catch you next time ,
  12. The spurs were definately crowded today, went up there with another group. Even saw a scooter having a go. Fantastic weather.
  13. Sorry I went to the wrong way at the Whitehorse rd, but I meet up with other group and we went there too great day a lot of bikes.
  14. Lol Eav, at least you went out for a ride and got home in one piece, thats the main thing. Next time perhaps?

    I think i remember passing you in the other direction Julia..? Near the spur?

    The weather was perfect as previously mentioned but there were heaps of pigs out today, ive never seen so many before. Licence checks and a few fines dished out today for some. Way to go guys, keep sucking that revenue out of us, after all living is easy and cheap.

    There were so many bikes out today!! (and cars)

    Thanks for the company guys and for showing me new roads Ron, nice pace today through them twisties and nice bikes as usual.

    Next time, GOR + swim = Yay.
  15. Yes next time for sure mate, I not sure that you pass me or not. but we have like 3 stop on the way there.

    Yes GOR is great but not sure about swim scare of shark. If you want to join me next Sunday freind of mind organize GOR ride, let me know we can meet up and go together.
  16. Thanks for the ride guys, It was good to do a few nice roads i'd never done before.
  17. Who got done???

    Thanks for a nice morning ride boys, sorry about the early departure. On the way home from Healsville, got waved through a breatho and saw more cops on the way home and a never ending supply of bikes. Geez it was busy!!!

    How busy was Healsville??? crazy!!!
  18. Hey Gilesy, luckily none of us got done, i was just saying how there were many police out busting other people..

    I know they are just doing there jobs, but targeting every popular place and waiting at the beginning or end of a nice road is a bit lame.

    The fact that you got breathalized again in under an hour is excessive and opressive. When the cop asked me if i had had a drink (10-11am) i thought "Um, i dont really want to die and i wouldnt bother waking up at 9am if i was hungover" So to me it was all abit too much.

    I just think their revenue raising blitz is not really doing much but ruining a few unlucky riders day or even year. If your pissed and on a bike your not very smart IMO.

    If they actually caught a drunk rider then fine but hunting us down for any excuse to suck some capital doesnt make the roads any safer or really change much... fast riders are always going to ride fast. If they couldnt they'd take up knitting (or something else).

    Not sure if im free this weekend but if i am you can bet i'll get out. WIll assess my options later this week.