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Sun 4th July down the OPH and Bluemountains run

Discussion in 'NSW' started by marts92, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Anybody from the Central Coast keen for a run down the Old Pacific Highway and through the Blue Mountains this Sunday?

  2. bike needs a new piston pretty bad, or i'd think about joining you.
    can recommend Springwood Road (aka Hawkesbury Road) between Richmond and Springwood, and if you make it far up the mountains I DEFINATELY recommend Megalong Valley Road, in Blackheath
    ride safe!
  3. are you on the Central Coast loki? what does your RS125 look like?
    I've seen one zipping around every now and again, dark bike with a bit of red here and there, with a big fat L plate, that wouldn't be happen to be you would it?
  4. nopers, not me.
    I'm out in western Sydney (read also: 'westie') so i can personally vouch for these roads.
    i'm fully licensed with a red/white/green bike
  5. haha meh
    well thanks for the tip mate :)
  6. hi Marts,

    Sorry, can't make it today.