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Sun 21st GOR to Apollo bay 10:00am Westgate fwy Shell servo

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Danos, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Ok plenty of you have expressed interest so here it is!!

    This Sunday (21st June),
    Meet at Westgate fwy Shell servo (if unsure check the ride calendar for map) 10ish for 10:30am kick off,
    Class 3-4
    Ride to Apollo bay for lunch via the great ocean road and back.

    If your free, rug up and lets ride!!

    Catch you then,

  2. Gday Danos

    You thinking inland via Deans Marsh etc to Lorne then onto the GOR, or GOR all the way?
  3. FYI for those traveling down

    The Police bike has been out down this way the past few weekends. Nothing serious, just usually stays in the one spot, and pulls people over to check license and write down your rego, so if he sees you doing something, he doesn't need to chase. Seems like a good enough bloke.

    Deans Marsh Road - Not only does the moss growth pick up this time of year, but it's almost always damp. Even if it hasn't rained for days. This is because the sun can't get through the tree canopy enough to dry out the road.

    And keep an eye out for puddles on specific shaded corners from Lorne onwards. Same goes wit the trees/cliffs and sun not being strong enough.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Fat, Will have to be cautious, mossy roads sound challenging..

    Devion, I was thinking GOR all the way from Geelong but if we wanted to go via Deans Marsh on the way back or there i wouldnt be apposed, lets put it to a vote when we meet yeah?

    Its a bit windy today put hopefully it should mellow out a bit by tomorow..
  5. Sounds like fun, not happy I can't make it.

    Went down that way last week, and can attest to the mossy roads on the inland sections. Not a massive drama, but keep your eyes open.

    I also got hit by rain from Lorne to Apollo Bay when it was nice and sunny everywhere else. Take the wets!

    Have a good one guys!
  6. Hey Danos,
    Have to give the ride a miss, cant get out of work. S**T!!!!!
    Hope you still go and the weather holds!!
    Enjoy and ride safe.
  7. Hi all

    being new to this netrider thing, i'm just wondering is this ride down the GOR tomorrow open to anyone??? Wouldn't mind tagging along if it is.



  8. Yes mate open to anyone.As long as you are class 3/4 rider. Also check your pm's mate.
  9. Thanks for answering that one clarkie,

    no worries Gilesy, next time.

    ok i'll see whoever's there tomorrow morning,

  10. How did this ride end up going?
  11. ok heres the report,

    Mikkey, Dave and George rocked up so big thanks guys, i had a great time.

    The ride in was colder than i thought and there were a few wet patches around the place but when we got to Apollo bay the sun came out and it was nice.

    Mikkey held a nice pace there, nice wet cornering and overtaking on his Suzi V-Storm, Dave got a bit of fishy action after overtaking a land cruiser on his beast R1, and George and i kept up a nice pace even though he could have flogged me on the straights sitting on his primo Gixxa. Sweet bikes dudes. Seriously.

    Yep, it was fun for me to ride with the big boys although we were all quite sensible.

    It got dark quickly and started to spit on the way back so i hope everyone got home alright, next time i should remember my clear visor but then again who likes riding with a back pack? (Mikkey was sorted.)

    It was a good ride/pace with no dramas and minimal pig presence,

    Nice one guys thanks for coming out, catch you's again,

  12. Yeah, was a good ride and good company. Found the constant shift between wet and dry road a good challenge which helped to focus the mind. Enjoyed having to wait for a Gixer and R1 to arrive at Apollo Bay.... :cool:
  13. Man they must have broken down Mikkey if you had to wait for them :LOL:
  14. :-w
  15. :p

    they were taking it easy sure, but Mikkey still held a good pace! :wink:
  16. It could be MAD MIKKEY from now on :!: :roll: :LOL:

    Cheers Bruce
  17. Nah, the cops were too busy pulling my friend over... We musta just missed you guys... :(