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Sump plug leaking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. hello hello

    i changed my oil a few weeks ago and after that noticed a leak (not a bad leak but sitll a small patch each morning under the plug) and so i drained it again, bought a copper washer because the old washer was warped.

    the copper washer isnt nearly as thick as the steel one and it is still leaking, may i have to change the sump plug or could just putting an extra washer on it stop it?

    sick of draining it :| arghrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh

    thxs for any help
  2. Try a bit of teflon tape on the thread aswell.
  3. Is it a crush washer? If it is it shouldnt leak and might be something else.

    Even with a normal copper washer (or no washer) it can only really leak if one of the surfaces is damaged. Mabey just a new bolt ($5 to $10) will fix it if the old one has a dint on it.
    If the old washer was deformed then the underside of the bolt head may be too.

    Smooth surfaces on the bolt and sump should be oil tight as long as the bolt is at the proper torque.
  4. It's possible that the thread on the engine has been damaged by over-tightening.

    If a new bolt and a new washer don't stop the leak, go to a bike shop and have them re-thread the bolt hole.
    Easy job, won't take long or cost much.

    Cheers: jaq.
  5. i had the same problem went to the dealer and got a new washer, but i am pretty sure the one the dealer issued me was not a copper one.
  6. cool well im getting it serviced in the next few weeks so ill get it checked it out then.

    i didnt use a torque wrench so i may have damaged the thread.

    thanks for the advice guys

  7. If still leaks after the service, then you can blame the workshop for the leak.
  8. I've been told that, when using a copper washer, you should heat it up with a blowtorch first. This softens the copper, allowing a really good fit.

  9. I always use a dab of ptfe paste (liquid version of teflon tape, application specific) on the thread before I replace it, it's worked for me every time (Even after reusing old washers etc.)
  10. dan[/quote]

    If still leaks after the service, then you can blame the workshop for the leak.[/quote]

    And I'll bet your the kind of cheapskate that whinges about the price Motorbike centres charge for a service too.
  11. Teflon tape is meant to be used on tapered threads. Using it in this application may well allow shards of teflon into the oil system.

    Liquid stuff sounds interesting - does it solidify?
  12. I suspect that NOT using a torque wrench means that you haven't tightened it ENOUGH. The washer is meant to 'crush' and form a seal, that's why it's thrown out and new one used every time the plug is removed.....