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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Cronus, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Hi guys I have been looking at a new cbr125r but recently i was thinking about 250s mainly the zxr but it all depends on how comfortable i am on the bike, all that aside i recently dicorvered Sumoto's site and been looking at the selection, i am aware that these bikes just look pretty with there new coat of paint but how reliable is sumoto with there bikes mechanically, essentially do they sell you lemons or bikes that are going to break down just after the warranty is up? or are they properly re-conditioned.

  2. Do a search for "sumoto" and you will hear all the stories you could ever want. Mostly nasty ones, I think?
  3. Do you know that Honda is now doing extended warranty on all of its road bikes?
  4. cbr125r is junk. Your better off buying a 250.

    Best learner bike IMO is the VTR250
  5. +1

    The 250's at sumoto are a lot of money for a 10-20 year old bike with shiny new farings.
    Considered a New Hyosung GT250R or something with a decent warranty for a similar price?
  6. bit OTT. the cbr125r is a pretty good device for what it is.

    however, i do agree that you will be much happier on a 250.
  7. Yep or get a second hand sumoto bike and hope the previous owner has ironed out the bugs.

    Some sumotos are great but it is a bit of a lucky dip!
  8. Based on?
  9. engines
  10. So the single cyclinder 4 stroke 125 engine is rubbish? Have they had a history of failing??

    If this assertion is based on power only, then is the bike still junk?
  11. Personally i dont think that the 125 is junk but i fear i may get a little bored with it. Thanks for the replies guys i will be doing searches on sumoto and reading some stories.
  12. Yeah quite possibly, if you dont mind the look, the VTR might be the go. Otherwise buy a CBR250rr... Possibly through a private seller though.
  13. So essentially the vibe im gettin from this is that Sumoto aren't the greatest place to get a bike from but really when it comes to it it's sort of a chance as to the quality of bike from them. New question, when they are shit how shit are they? and how much money has to be put into them? my search's weren't successful
  14. No one said they broke down..yet. But they are a load of crap for the money, all show & no go. For the money you could but a much, much,much,much,much,much,much,much,much,much,much, better bike.

    Why waste your money on a brand new CBR125R that's value will depreciate like a dropped stone, and also struggles to get up any hills?

    If you want to an alternative to a scooter, then buy a cbR125r.

    If you want a decent value for money learner bike, then buy a VTR250, Hyo GT250R or a rare "never been flogged CBR250RR".

    IMO, Sumoto are good at making money, but not so good at selling reliable bikes. So shop around.
  15. Cronus,

    Most of Sumoto's bikes are grey imports, that is, they come into Australia as 2nd hand bikes and not via the official importers or via the factory.

    The bike's history is not clear.

    Sumoto get them by the container load, then set about making them comply to ADR's and tarting them up for sale.

    They'll probably nab the obvious big things but that doesn't mean something else is not about to go.

    So you take your chances. Many people have had perfectly OK bikes from them, but a significant number have had problems... you hear more about the problems than the good stories.

    I think they and another mob in sth Melb are single handedly the reason for the stupidly high prices for CBR250r's and rr's - the last production bike being early '90's.

    Sumoto will spin/sell the cibby or even the zx2r's as better technology and power than a GPX for example, and appeal to your vanity about it being better looking etc, and assure you that you'll be over the VTR/GPX/spada in no time flat... but don't believe them. The other bikes aren't as powerful, but they are capable enough.

    Ok, so toe to toe, a CBR250RR is a higher performing bike than a GPX, but for the same price they'll sell you a cibby for, you can get a brand new factory backed GPX or Hyosung (settle Loz!) and have a fairly comfortable long reliable life... plus there'll be spare parts...

    So go in there, with your eyes open, and your bullshit radar set on high.


  16. Thanks for that strait forward answer, its just what i was looking for and thought as much. i think my mate got one from one of these places coz it was a grey import and his was ok for about 8 months before needin its first replacement equipement. Thanks, if i go in there ill keep my eyes open.
  17. Rob's post is spot on.

    Use them to get a feel as to what bike you are comfortable on and then buy elsewhere.

    I do not speak from experience, merely from the horror stories that I have read on here.
  18. +1 Vic's Post.

    Use the search function & see for yourself.

    Posted: Aug 2004
    14 pages about sumoto:

    Posted: Sep 2004
    Posted: Oct 2004
    Nov 2004:

    3 years later, the advice & views remain unchanged, as is apparent in
    your thread.

  19. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I love this urban MYTH
  20. LOL omg, thats what i was sorta expecting, LOL never been flogged, who in there right mind would believe that.

    and i assume that all these grey import places are the same eh, like international motorcycle importers. I'll take the advice and go there get a feel for the bike i like then try to find it privately.

    Thanks all.