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Sumoto YZ450fxr

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by scott954r, Mar 27, 2016.


Sumoto yz450fxr new

Poll closed Apr 3, 2016.
  1. Good idea trust worthy

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  2. Bad idea untrustworthy

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  1. Hello,
    New to this forum so hi
    Looking at buying a new yz450fxr and sumoto are cheaper and can rec reg but i cant find any recent posts of late. Is this a good idea or should i buy from a dealer at 2500 bucks extra? Would you trust them or go factory?

  2. Is it the identical brand new same year model bike as another dealer for $2500 cheaper ?
  3. Havent gone to the shop yet but they say there is only 1 model 2016 yz450fxr for the whole world and can supply with accessories and rec reg in my name! The pic doesnt show it with lights but the fxr should come with it! They dont have the best wrap with used bikes but there is also no real news from the last few years so just after aome opinions on there brand new bikes
  4. Abit out of my league as I thought the yz450 was a motocross bike and the wr450 was the comp plate and lights version u can register but I don't know what the rec rego rules are for other states
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    More asking about out sumoto themselvesif anyone has dealt with buying new bikes through them latly? They say they are identical to the aus model as is rest of the world! Fxr is a cross between the fx and the wr
  6. so they are going to grey import them?
    beware I might be wrong
    but will Yamaha honour warranty?
    will it have Australian compliance ?
  7. The fxr is rec reg competition only
    They only have 3 month warranty same as yamaha
    They say the same model does whole world same parts n everything
    They are an import but all yams come from japan?
  8. yes but will Yamaha honour the warranty?
    as a grey import it wont be on their list
    Sumoto might give you a waranty
    but who in their right mind would let them work on their bike
  9. Im a mechanic by trade so ill be doing all my own work
    3 month is nothing anyway
    Sumoto say 3 month warranty
    Parts i would think them saying its the same that i can source them as per usual?
  10. if your happy then do it
    you asked questions
    I answered
  11. Was just wondering if there name has improved as havent seen much about them latly being brand new shouldnt be any issues
    Would u take a chance with it?
  12. maybe if the bike was kosher
    check every thing before you hand over coin
  13. 12 months is not recent enough?

    What lams cruiser should i get ..sumoto mistake :(