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Sumoto, their discount & hornee jeans

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by es, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Im looking for someone who has had the misfortune of buying a bike from sumoto and thus has a discount there.
    Also wondering how much the discount is, and what form it takes (card, name dropping etc)?

  2. Didn't Fireblade and Co get there CBR's from Sucksmoto?

    Arron you want to chirp up ?
  3. he offered but is a nerd and didnt come through.

    I'd far rather get a promise from a more reliable source than be left high and dry again.
  4. What are you shopping for Eswen? Surely there's better ways to get it than going to Sumoto.

    Oh, and PS. I believe it is YOU that is the jerk.
  5. yeah your right hes just a nerd.

    oooh its a secret ;)
    ( www.hornee.com.au link is worksafe :LOL:)
  6. She may prefer not to say. I believe it's a little Hornee. :wink: :LOL:
  7. more like very hornee and frekin hot too ;)
  8. well I wanna get a pair of hornee too!!!!! They're totally kewl.. Hmm... group buy? :p
  9. Im getting a group together to go check them out, thursday night if you want to come? might be going back again on saturday if thats better.
  10. Thursday nite? I think I can do that.. When on saturday are you going? I think I have to work on Saturday unfortunately.

    When and where Thursday?

  11. they are open till 7 on thursday night, so probably meet there at 6ish then go for a coffee? maybe at scootergals new cafe?
  12. Im hoping to make it there on thursday night, and if anyone sees me, just remember that "you don't know me", I want to see if I can get a good deal on a bike. :grin: :grin:
  13. my gal and i jsut got a pair of these each. real comfy and certainly look hot... more so on the lady than me :) of course.
  14. 6pmish at Sumoto's it is.
  15. what is a little hornee?
  16. i could come along, they dont have a card or anything, but i got my bike there and im sure theyll hook me up with a discount.

    Let me know if ya want me to come, otherwise ill stay home and watch TV :)
  17. Hew... How much discount is the sumoto thing again? 10% or 15%?
  18. Forgot to ask how much the hornee's retail for.. if I'm right about $240 right?
  19. they retail for $239
    the official site is www.hornee.com.au
    discount is 15%
    Ill give them a buzz tomorrow and ask if they will give us a better discount for a group.

    adrian, if your bored and the wife will let you, come out :LOL: will be going for coffees afterwards :)