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Sumoto Spare Parts

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pete the pom, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. As some of you know I not one to bag dealers but feel this has to be said.

    I been repairing a Kawasaki Balius owned by a Netrider. The service has been pretty straight forward but the bike needs a front disc. I normally get my disc from a company called Metalgear up in Queensland who import from europe. Unfortunally the guys in Q'land are out of stock and it wont be 5 weeks until there next shippment arrives.

    So.......the bike has a Sumoto compliance plate on it. Decied I'd give them a chance to prove all you whingers wrong about there service. Go's into Sumoto cant find anyone to serve me. After walking around for a good 5 minutes I spotted a guy sitting in the corner reading a news paper. As I walked over to him he picks the phone up and started a phone call. I wait another few minutes and get talking to him telling him I need a front brake disc for a Balius.

    The guy tells me that they dont sell brake discs for the bikes they import because they want to keep them for them self ?????.

    The point of this post is that Sumoto are prepared to import bikes to Australia and charge you good money to take one off there hands. If that model turns out to be a rare model (Balius, GSX250, FZR250.....) you have very little chance of being able to get spare parts fop these models. I urge people who are thinking of buying one of the rare model out in the market place to be very carefull. You may end up with a $7000 bike that cant go anywhere due to the fact that the peole who import the bike dont want to back up there imports with any kind of spare parts department.
  2. This story is in line with other stories I have heard about Sumoto's after sales service and backup....

    Caveat Emptor people!
  3. wonder what their service is like for common bikes?? might be no different.
  4. Buyer Beware???
  5. I was seriously considering buying a Balius, too. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. First time that I knew that Sumoto's was stuffed was when I walked in and found that a CBR250R (Sprayed RR) was selling 7.6K ROLF:!:

    Only upside was I got to sit on every bike and determine which bike I wanted to buy elsewhere.
  7. Just out of interest, how can you tell if an RR is actually an R?
  8. differant shape of the arse end is the biggest give away
  9. You might wont to get your facts write before writing a story.

    As I have a CBR 250 RR and many other bikes that have come from there and the compliance plate does not say Sumoto they are a retailer not a compliance holder. Have a look and you will see it says Otobi, They are in Queensland and import and compliance these bikes and supply the dealers around Australia.

  10. Thats exactly it isn't it?

    If I were Sumoto, I'd be over here and in damage control. Most people looking for bike stuff on the net are going to end up here after a search.

    *shrug* if they are happy doing what they are doing then so be it. But one day if (touch wood) someone is killed due to the actions of some dodgy dealer then the entire book should be tossed in their direction.
  11. I cant think of what else it could be.

    I noticed last night he was a newbie & not many posts.

    I chk his profile & every single one of his posts are in
    sumoto threads defending them, so its plain to me he
    either works there or has a close association with them.

    As soon as I said to him that he works for the pricks, he
    couldnt get offline kwik enuf :mad:
  12. It's a shame really, I'd love to see someone from the company get on here and try and defend Sumoto. The fact they haven't already (at least officially :wink:) I guess must be that they either:
    -Don't care what people are saying about them
    -Have never heard of Netrider (unlikely since a google search for sumoto gives a netrider link before their official page).
    -Simply can't dispute what's true
  13. I'm just as concerned by the fact that if JDVic is actually 50 years old, only six years younger than me, his grammar and spelling is atrocious :LOL:
  14. 2 many people would jump on em in here & I'd make sure
    I land da 1st knock-out punch :LOL:

    Thats Y i think they would never register here. Theres no
    way known they wouldnt be aware of this site either.

    They are cowards..
  15. I have to wonder about the wisdom of buying any sort of grey import. Particularly if the model that you're interested in costs about the same as an equivalent regular import.

    It's a problem with all such vehicles as there is no formal spare parts network other than an ad hoc system that the importers may support. Certainly I doubt that you'd get any joy from a normal service agent.
  16. Exactly why they cost a sh*t load in insurance to cover em
  17. When I sold my wrecked CBR250R to Sumoto about 4-5 years ago one of their bargining down methods was to say, Looks its a grey import, its REALLY hard to find parts and they aren't cheap when you do.

    I ended up getting roughly what I wanted for the wreck so I went home reasonably happy (in hind sight I should have turned it into a street fighter), however a week later while pineing over getting a new bike I couldn't afford I was flicking through a bike trader mag, in which had a Sumoto ad. In that ad was a dazzling brand in the corner of thier ad with words to the effect of, grey import parts are readily available to us and arrive daily.

    Just checked and that no longer appears on thier ads.....4-5 years of 250cc attrition mush have reduced the supply of parts.
  18. Parts for greys shouldn't be hard to find - there's a number of Japanese online stores that sell replacement and aftermarket performance parts for just about every Japanese bike ever made, all anyone needs is a credit card and the ability to read Japanese. Unfortunately I only have a credit card but I'm sure there are businesses around that have imported parts from Japanese suppliers before (if anyone out there speaks Japanese you could set yourself up a nice little business importing parts of the 'net).
  19. Sounds like they import shitty bikes may as well buy a ford with 3 wheel studs and then say ohh sorry you cant get that part :shock: