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SUMOTO North Melbourne, are they any good...?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ezekiel77, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Okay, I've just purchased a 1997 250cc Hornet (23,000Kms) from SUMOTO in North Melbourne.

    I've not yet picked the bike up, but am nervous as a friend has mentioned that they'd not heard good things about SUMOTO... Should I be worried? The bike look top notch... I took a friend with me as I have little experience with what to look for...

    Do any of you guys have any comments, info regarding these 'SUMOTO' guys? I've until Wednesday to pull-out... be gentle, I'm hoping I don't get burned...

    Thanks, Zek. :eek:

  2. There's people here who bag Sumoto for various reasons. I haven't purchased a bike from them nor know anyone who has so can't provide first or second hand feedback.

    My view is that they import bikes so you can't be sure about its history. That's not to say that you won't get something that is mechanically sound. Its like any other used bike - get it checked to see if its OK.

    Im.on.it has a Hornet. Maybe you could ask him about them if you want to put your mind at rest.
  3. Search is your friend.

    in short.
    Sumoto has been known to sell some prety dodgy imports. They have also sold some in prety good shape.
    But. You will end up paying top dollar for what is essentually a second hand bike.

    If you want the gleaming flashy bike and are happy to pay that. then by all means throw the dice. You may get a good one, and then you will be all smiles.
    We have a whole bundle of happy Sumoto riders on netrider... We also have a lot of people who wuoldn't pi$$ on em if they were on fire.
  4. can we ask how much you paid for the Hornet?
    so we can indicate to you whether it was a good price or not?
  5. Paid $6,750 ($7,700 on road). Seems high, but this is about the average from what I could see...

    1997, 250cc, 23,000KMS, Good tread on tyres, matt black.
    It purred very quite, like a kitten!

    I was looking at SPADA and VTR 250's, but was told the VTR engine is older than the SPADA engines... plus although from what I can gather a v-Twin has a better pull over the straight for, the Hornet was still rated better in terms of power/torque... I'm 6 foot, 95kgs and need a bigger bike than the SPADA. After riding it, the SPADA seemed a little sluggish and too easy to throw around.

    I've had trouble in the past with second hand cars, vespa's and wanted to buy from a dealer to get some kind of warranty (6months). I'm wondering if I should of got the bike registered myself instead of Sumoto doing it for me..

    Thanks for the speedy replies by the way.
  6. I thought the VTR and the Spada had the same engine? [tuned differently perhaps{?}]
  7. Yep, especially considering Bandits were sold here new in 2000 for just $7,500 and Yamaha Zeals were just $7,000 (both naked 4-cylinder 250s).

  8. I thought the SPADA was older than VTR model :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
  9. It is - by 8 years. Although according to Honda even though they use essentially the same engine the Spada does rev higher and produces slightly more power and torque than the VTR (8ps and .2 kgm).
  10. Ahhh yes...SUMOTO...also know as "SHITMOTO - World of Shit bikes"

    IMO, try and get your money back. If you cant then whatever you do, inspect the bike throughly before riding away on it, and get, in writing and triplicate, the warranty terms.
  11. Most likely the indicated 23,000km on the odometer is not the actual km's the bike (or parts of various bikes) have done. Get someone who knows what they are looking at to check for wear + tear signs of the actual amount of km's it has most likely done.

    In short, sumoto = RIP OFF PRICKS

    Also, their usual idea of a service is popping wheelies and stuff of the bike in the back street having fun with your pride and joy... :roll:

  12. I was packing it a little, but I'd taken a mate that knows his stuff. He seems to think it was sound, the only thing he couldn't be sure off was if the bike sat true.It looked fine, but I'll find this out once I get it above 80km.

    Had New Tyres which is a plus. no leaks, good teeth and chain tension, like I said it sounded smooth and no noise/rattles on start up, etc, etc.

    Its funny how people never remember the good stuff, only the bad. When you only sell second hand...

    I'll check on the services, I thought a place thats been around for 20 odd years would of been okay...[/img]
  13. for the price you paid u could of got a brand new bike
  14. Just saw a black (non matte) hornet 250 at A1 in Ringwood. no price tag. looked pretty sweet with the red rims. would have been at least a 97 but looked even later. can't remember for sure but had less than 20k km on the clock.

    There was also a blue 97 at Redwing Honda a few months back selling for $5.5k

    They are around if you look hard enough and are patient enough. I have the 96 in silver. runs like a dream. only thing is choke doesn't work. But then again it's a honda doesn't need choke. :grin:

    If you get a chance to test ride it, give it heaps. redline at 16,000 is so choice, I highly recommend it. :cool:

    any questions PM me. be happy to test ride the ringwood one for you. sumoto one - not so much. ;)
  15. the only reason it would look sound and immaculate is im pretty sure most of these imports get painted b4 they hit the showroom... correct if need be but i know for a fact a certain second hand dealer in the outer east was doing that.... and yes that is a ridiculously high price. i bought my 250 for 5900 an immaculate zxr250 with low ks ect, but they just arent worth it. one of my mates who got his license at the time as me bought a CBR250RR that had had a minor skid down the road and had only cosmetic damage for 2500 i thought it looked stupid but he told me he only wanted a 250 to learn on.

    this is especially true because you are going to be ridiculously lucky to get even close to that money back for the bike and if youve got finance of any sort on the bike your gonna lose big time. ive been riding for a while now and i have big bikes now, i just recently bought my 03 954 fireblade for 10700 with 13000kms and it is an immaculate bike, my mate recently bought an 04 R6 with 26000ks for $9300. now i understand bigger bikes arent an option but if you kinda step back and look at it that way, take the R6 i mentioned for 1600 bucks more your getting a stupidly superior bike for the money. i am guilty of wanting the best possible bike on my restrictions but i truly think we waste a lot of money on 250s.
  16. Mate, i paid a LOT less than that for a 1998 Hornet 600!!!!

    Now the Hornet 250 is an AWESOME bike, and it's a grey import so they DO cost more than the regular 250's you see around.

    but that's a HUGE price! no doubts includes the re-spray costs.
    here's one at redwing honda for $6000 with only 13,000kms:

  17. I paid top dollar for a Bandit 250 with only 1,600 km on it from them six months ago, was told it was fully serviced, all new parts etc, all crap. Oil was very black, sparks were rusting, carb was so full of crap it was sticking. I've since had a real mechanic look at it and confirmed the kms are real, but it was probably sitting in a garage for ten years before Sumoto imported it and sold it on, all they did was change the tyres.

    The "warranty" is a joke, parts only for engine and gear box, their labor charges are at least double what everyone else charges, so even with warranty parts you'll end up paying more. A search here will will show that a few netriders have been charged stupid money for "repairs" that didn't happen.

    Don't go near them!
  18. I bought my Spada from them and have had few worries. The bike rides great, looks good and starts first time everytime. All of their bikes are imports, which means that their history is slightly murky, but you could say that about any second hand bike.

    When it was first delivered I checked spark plugs etc, and the only problem was that it had ones for a CBR250 in it, wasn't a problem until they got a little old and wouldn't start, replaced them, and it has run perfectly since then. It worried me that they wouldn't know what plugs should go in a Spada, but I have got over it since then.

    As far as price goes, I was willing to pay for a bike that had new tyres, been resprayed etc instead of getting a bike that looked shit and I had to pay extra money out for it. This is pretty much what I got and have been happy for the year I've had it. Having said that the hornets seemed way overpriced, as did the CBR's and that is why I went for a Spada. Nowhere near as expensive.

    When I got it serviced the mechanic found very little wrong with it, except that it really needed the service badly. It had more than likely not been used for a while and just needed that adjustment as everything got used to being used again.

    You'll find a lot of the knockers that post here all have experience from a "mate of a mate", and not much personal experience. From what I've read Sumoto are OK until something goes wrong, then never quite seem to fix things they way they promise to. I had no intentions of ever going back to them(unless something catastrophic went wrong) so wasn't concerned about after sales service

    I guess you have to make the decision yourself take the risk (and I dothink they are a bit more risky than other places), or get your money back and go somewhere else. Just remember it is your first bike, not your last, and enjoy the experience of buying a bike, cause it is supposed to be fun.
  19. So what you're saying Burnsie is that from your experience they don't know much about the bikes they're selling, they don't service the bikes before sale just pretty 'em up and slap on some new tyres, and don't give a f%&^ about the customer once they ride out the door. But otherwise they're a fine upstanding company and no worse than any other motorcycle dealer :shock: :? .