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sumoto in vic

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by julie and mark, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. hi all, i have just got my moto license and now looking for a 250 trail/rd bike. whats the deal with sumoto vic, they say they offer full serviced 250cc, 6months warranty etc etc. does anyone have any comments?

  2. yep

  3. welcome to the boards, think xxsteve summed it up well..... :wink:
  4. Just be careful what you look at and buy. One major gripe against sumoto is that they advertise lots of imported bikes with their compliance date, and not manufacture date.

    Case and point - most of their fzr250's will be advertised as "2005 FZR 250r" (or rr). Problems: 1 - the fzr250 was last manufactured in 1994 (but they are stating the date it complied to australian design rules). 2 - they will say '2005 colours' or something but there is no such thing except what they decide to call 2005 colours (again - not built since 1994).

    I am skeptical of sumoto because they are obviously trying to decieve in order to make money...
  5. There are a number of stories that circulate.
    I believe most, if not all of the bikes are grey imports and then tarted-up with new paint jobs and complianced for sale in Oz. I think at one point they were advertising that you could have a bike with whatever paint colour you required as the re-spray was part of the price.
    Grey imports used to be older models with quite high mileage on them. Sourcing parts for them and a competent mechanic for repair was also a problem.
    I'm not sure if this is the case now as there appear to be so many operators bringing in container loads of bikes for re-sale to the Oz market.
  6. Sumoto have a good range but seem to be overpriced, could be okay if the product/service is good but from most accounts it seems this isn't the case.
  7. The one time i went in there the customer service stunk.

    Unless i was visibly going to buy a bike then and there they just were not interested in talking to me..... couldn't even get a firm price for a pareticular bike of them. "around $xxxx" was the best i could get

    left and certainly won't be going back to get a bike there
  8. Welcome to the forum, Julie, and to the wonderful world of motorcycling. I can't comment on Sumoto, but as I usually say to newcomers, if you can't find an answer to a question here, the question hasn't been thought of yet!!
  9. I have heard several stories of mechanical problems with Sumoto grey market bikes and subsequent difficulties with warranties and repairs.

    Can't say that's a great recommendation...
  10. Hey there, another fellow adeladian i see...

    I would suggest after what people tell of Su-moto that you stay far away from them... Bills motorcycles in adelaide are pretty good, but the 250 range in SA is in short supply. I think theres about 8 CBR's in the trader and 0 ZXR250's...
  11. My friend bought a GPX from sumuto 1-2 months ago, he was pretty happy..-
    Happy due to the fact he had a bike.
    Not cause he got a good deal

    *Free gloves + Helmet* 100 dollar helmet and pos gloves.

    After me and him went for a decent ride his black paint on his exhausts started to peel / melt off.

    Also his 88 Model GPX has done around 20,000 KM.

    He reckons people in Japan dont ride their bikes much :?
  12. Private sale's yer best option every time. Take a mate who knows what he's talking about to look at it with you.
  13. My daughter's Spada came from Sumoto. Their customer service is pretty ordinary and from what I've seen I doubt that their service departmetn is all that good. I had a mechanical question about the Spada and they had a lot of trouble answering it.

    I wouldn't say don't buy from them - just be aware that they are not quite as good as they say they are :LOL: . Their bikes seem OK - the Spada was certainly a good buy and has been reliable. I would treat them like a private sale - in other words take someone along who knows the model and check it carefully. Their pricing is at the top end but you'll have a little more recourse with a warranty (even a limited one). You've got none with a private sale (or from most dealers - ther's no mandatory warranty on 2nd hand bikes in Victoria thanks to Mr Kennett :evil: ).

  14. Ive never actually purchased a bike from them but I did pay them when I started looking for my 250..

    Looking at there advertisements they always have 2-3 pages of bikes and claim to have bikes arriving every week.

    I went expecting to see 50-60 bikes in their large show room.. Instead it was practically empty.. Probably 10-15 bikes space out accross a huge show room.. A few jackets, helmets on display and 2 desks I presumed were for making sales..

    I asked the guy were all the bikes were as was told they would be arriving in 3-4 weeks... (Ad. said 50 bikes arriving weekly).
    So I turned up 5weeks later expecting more bikes.... What do I find - only 5 bikes on the floor..

    Btw, each time I visited the show room it took 15-30mins before I was able to speak with a "salesperson". Anyway the 2nd time I was told all the bikes that arrived had been sold and that the next shipment was 8 weeks away.. The salesperson recommended that if I wanted a bike to leave $500 deposit and the model/colour of the bike and he will call when it arrives..

    After reading the stories on NR it only confirmed this place is very dodgy.. False advestising, bad service...etc...etc. Kinda like Microsoft. All marketing and crappy products..

    Im sure there have been people who have walked away from Sumoto happy but I would think they are in the minority from what I have seen and read.

  15. From someone who has actually bought a bike from them...

    I'd sum my experience with them as neutral.

    I had no troubles with my bike mechanically for the 15 months I had it apart from it being sold with a chain and sprockets on the way out. Engine was still good and I managed to do the dial on it (on an appropriate racetrack facility of course) after I had chain/sprockets replaced and a decent tune. Mine was a 91 Across so this was a surprising achievement (did require a bit of a run up though to get there..).

    Like any bike purchase, ignore the km's on the clock if there isn't a service history or ownership record supplied with the bike that backs them up.

    They don't like raw learners riding them so take an experienced rider with you. If they are still reluctant then shop elsewhere.

    Price wise, you need to fight pretty hard with them, first thing to do is ask them how much the "free" stuff they are giving you is worth. Say you don't want it and start negotiating price from their asking minus the free stuff. They will get quite emotional when reducing the price. This is their job. Don't take it personal, just use it as an exercise to test your negotiating skills. They do this day in day out so they are pretty good at it.

    The K's on my bike were ridiculously low (about 12,000 on a 12yo bike at that stage) and I put 12,000 on it in around 15 months. A lot of their bikes look like this and if they are really pushing the point on this I would insist that they provide a stat. dec. stating that in their professional opinion and after undertaking a mechanical inspection of the bike they believe the odo reading is a true represention of actual km's travelled.

    I didn't use their after sales service so can't comment there.

    I may have been lucky and I may have paid about $500 more than I should have (even after spending around an hour agreeing the price).

    Would I use them again...probably not given some of the stories I've heard and a better understanding of the bike market in general. If you are looking at bikes there DEFINATALY take someone who knows bikes well with you as they will weed out any bullshit.

    In regards to the "stories I've heard" I can't recall any that was actually from someone who bought a bike there. They were all about "other people's experience". The danger of these stories is that they tend to "grow" with time....Specific and accurate experience is a better guide.

    I'm sure there are netriders out there who had specific personal experiences with them, please post specifically obout your experience (good, bad and indifferent) or PM Julie and Mark if you don't want it in a public forum.
  16. Actually he's right. Was sceptical myself at first so checked a few Japanese websites selling 2nd hand bikes. Just did another check on http://www.e-chiba.jp (in japanese but has pictures) and found a Spada with only 24,000kms, a 91 model ZZR with 19,000kms and a 91 model Katana with just 10,000kms. Not saying that ALL grey imports have accurate odometers but the fact is that 1,000kms per year does not appear to be uncommon in Japan.
  17. I just babysat an 89 ZX2R from there for 6 months. Please dont ask me why. It had low kms and my mate paid top $$ for it. Yep, the gear that you get with the bike is worth about 9 bucks. The "manual" was actually only a few photocopied pages from the original. It had all the stuff like " wear a helmet" etc. So we had no idea bout simple stuff for him like tyre pressure, weight of bike, fuel tank capacity etc. Stuff that you should know. Throttle cable sat out on weird angle, so when bars were on full lock it would bang on starter button . My friend being a learner had no dea what the whirring sound was for a few days. Lucky he didnt burn the starter motor out. Cable tie fixed that. So we are neutral bout them. I wanted to help him buy private, but he wanted a shiny whizz banger and went off and got it. My hubby rode it home. He rides a Firestorm. He is 6'4 and 140 kilos. All I could see was a rear wheel hangin out of his arse!! Classic. Oh, his 1st bike was a chook chaser. He pulled over to tell me the bike was gutless. He was changing gear at about 8 grand. :0 I set him on the right track!!!
  18. Are you saying that even though Su-moto are crap there isn't anyone producing better products to use??? :p