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Sumoto imports all 250's? (new and old)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Mendy, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. I was at Sumoto today, just to check out the place. My friends and I spoke to the staff, and he mentioned that all all 250's are imported by them. When I asked about new bikes the reply was that they (sumoto) import them as well.
    Does this sound right because i am confused now.?
    So if I go and buy a brand new 250 ninja or such, Kawasak actually does not bring them in, instead Sumoto does.
    Is this right????

    I was told that also no 250 ever in Australia was ever an official import.
    Something does not sound right.

    (sorry mods, if in wrong section)
  2. In my opinion, avoid Sumoto like the plague.
  3. Heaps of 250cc bikes were/are officially imported to Australia by their manufacturers.

    To name a few sold here in recent years, off the top of my head:
    Honda VTR250
    Honda CB250
    Honda VT250 cruiser thingies (two different ones, IIRC)
    Suzuki Virago 250 cruiser thingy
    Hyosung GT250, GT250R, etc
    Kawasaki GPX250 (now Ninja 250R)

    And others.
  4. Thyanx for the replies. I have heard about there service and apprent bad bikes.
    Just what they mentioned that they import the bikes and along those lines.
  5. I made the mistake of buying my first bike there, dont do it. Thing broke down just after i bought it, then again.
  6. I don't think any manufacturer would touch Sumoto with a 40 foot pole to give them an authorised agency. Gray imports don't sit well with the official distributors.

    Sumoto may well bring in some near new bikes but they won't be brand new or official. Go to Honda, Kawaskai, Suzuki etc websites and have a look at what 250's they currently import. That will give the lie to Sumoto's claim of being the only ones.

    Even with gray imports, there's other people besides Sumoto who are doing the same thing.

    +1 to the general attitude regarding Sumoto. :evil:
  7. +1
    Yep a bunch of thieving chaps they are :p
  8. Not sure if it's easily findable in the link(s) mentioned but I recall a few people stating that Sumoto either purchase some (or most or all?) 'used' bikes as parts stacked in shipping containers and put them back together in their factory/workshop. So whatever amount of KMs you see on a used bike's odomoeter, it is most likely not the actual KMs done by the bike 'itself'. A few people even said they knew for sure the KMs were way way WAY understated for the use of various parts on some of the bikes they have looked at. I.e a bike with 7,000 KMs on it had parts that looked like they had seen 20,000/30,000 KMs.

    Not saying this is the _absolute_ fact but just what has been said over the years. I think the best thing to do as others have stated, stay away from them! :?
  9. :shock: There's some scary stories in there!
  10. "This bike is compliance in 2009. Do you know what compliance means?"

    wat a load of bullshit. The bad news is they seem to have the local monopoly of rvf :-(
  11. I don't trust sumoto either.
  12. hehe yeah, 2007 model CBR250RRs come to mind of sumoto ;)
  13. yeah they have a habit of distorting the facts,

    But on the Plus side of things you can go in and not find a bike in the colour you want it or with the K's you want then a couple days later they have EXACTLY what your after... *Insert spooky, dodgey we transplanted a tacho on the colour bike you want music in here* to thats good isnt it?