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Sumoto & Grey Imports

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Guest, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. I have been reading the comments on Sumoto and I have just a couple of quick q's.

    People whinge that Sumoto sells bikes that are freshened up Grey Imports. Whats the problem with this ?. I am sort of in the market for a ZXR250 , which I accept is a grey import and will have been "freshened up".

    I understand that people get upset with Sumoto selling grey import ZZR250's and other Australian delivered models. As long as you check the date of manufacture instead of compliance, I see not problem in buying a grey import from them.

    Thoughts, Comments, Opinions or have I missed something else that is wrong with them? :wink:

    Tim :D
  2. two seperate issues:

    Sumoto - after sales service and quality of product has had previous poor reviews, and EXCEPTIONALLY UNHAPPY customers

    Greg Imports - With my CBR250R about 5 years ago, I couldn't get insurance on it when I had my Ls, once I got my Ps it was ludcirously expensive (40% of the value of the bike, but thats partly got to do with faired 250cc bikes). Also you might have trouble getting replacement parts becuase there may not be a supply chain in Australia and you could be looking at 1-2 months of waiting for it to be shipped unless its a high turn over item.

    But Sumoto does specialise in selling Grey Import 250cc bikes, so the two issues end up in the same shop.
  3. Nothing wrong with selling freshened up greys, the only issue is that they advertise them based on their compliance date which may mislead some buyers - ie the bikes advertised as a 2005 (complianced) model when in reality it's 15 years old. If they were more open about this then I daresay people would have less of an issue with them but it seems that since they really only cater to new riders they don't really care about repeat business. Also the prices on many of their bikes are ridiculously over-inflated. Nothing wrong with buying an import as long as you know: when it was built, where you can get parts/servicing, and that you're paying a fair price.
  5. my problem with sumoto is neither the grey import thing or the over inflated prices. both are a by product of the 250cc market, and neither are really that much of a problem as you get your money back when you upgrade anyways.

    my issue is the QUALITY there at sumoto. when we say they slap a fresh coat of paint on them and send them on their way, thats exactly what they do. the dont even clean them before spraying them, imagine pulling dirt out from under the paint of your 'fresh' and shiny new motor :? or having a look at your discs after paying for and getting the bike and realizing that they're about 1mm undersize :shock: or seeing where they've just painted over a sticker on the tank. or riding home only to have the bike die 20 minutes down the road.....

    sumoto = bad.

    go and waste their time by sitting on all their bikes and talking shit with the salesmen, then buy elsewhere. ripoff merchants those guys IMO :evil:
  6. The sales people usually treats whoever walks through their doors like we don't know anything about bikes or their compliance process - assuming that new riders are all ignorant.
  7. I’m looking at buying a zx2 privately that had been previously brought from sumoto a year or so ago. Its a C model with 28k on it... $5000 ono. Sounds alright to me. I’m going to check it out in a few weeks time.
  8. The guy who had my zxr before me bought it from sumoto....He woulda payed the 7+ thou for it, something I would not do...My bike is perfect cosmetically and mechanically, also it was easy to get insurance. If your a learner and 18 or there abouts, full comp is way to expensive to even consider, so I just went for 3rd party.
    It is a bit of a risk buying from sumoto tho, but afterall a bike is a bike and if you don't know what your looking at you could easily buy a lemon.
  9. I honestly don't know why people whinge about Sumotos. My baby ZZR was bought from there and I had no problem in dealing with them.

    And of course I paid a little more for my bike than I would have privately or anywhere else. But consider this.... You walk into their store, lay down some money on a bike of your choice, then they call you and you come and pick your bike up and ride it home with an almost brand new bike. That's what happened with me, and I couldn't be happier with that type of service.

    I paid just over $5,000 for my bike, but when I got it, it was almost brand new. Other shops were selling 2nd hand for almost that price and they were utter crappy filthy pieces of shit. So what if it was fifteen years old. It still kicked ass, and looked better than most of the baby zzr's that were out there. That's why I sold it for the asking price of $3700 just 7 business hours after advertising it and without an ounce of haggling. So really my Sumoto experience only cost me $1400. That to me is the cheapest almost brand new ZZR250 this world has ever seen.

    Sumotos DID try and sell me a CBR250RRRRRR, but I went in there knowing what I wanted, and they kindly obliged and thanked me for my business.... And for all those who say their after service is crap, I had a minor problem with some electricals in the first week. Instead of ringing them up, blasting them about the bike they sold me, I was nice about it and when I took it in, they all swarmed on it and busted their ass to get it fixed right while I was waiting. It's all about politeness, respect and patience. Give it how you like to receive it.

    So consider this when you are looking at purchasing your bike. Do you want to travel the earth looking for that ultimate bargain in someones backyard? Waisting money, time and effort in the process. Paying people to come and look over a bike being sold by the dodgiest guy or gal on the planet AND no consumer protection...... OR go to a place like Sumotos where you have consumer protection (if you can be stuffed going through the process), put a deposit down on your choice of bike, then when it comes in you go pick it up and ride home with rego, new tyres, new paint job, warranty, a pair of gloves and helmet (which is obviously factored into the price), free first service and then 20% off gear or accessories for the next 2 years.... That is what he offered me, and to me, that is a good deal. Dunno what you guys think.

    Take care everyone, and happy shopping.


  10. you got lucky moto. simple as that.

    they dont care for the bikes they sell and their after sales service when they sell lemons is fekking appalling. i'm talking you need to threaten them with legal action before they'll fix something that shouldn't have been wrong to start with.

    yeah sure, they're bound to get a few decent examples of the bikes they sell, but they obviously dont give a rats arse when they get a lemon, they still sell it for the same money and expect the new rider to never come back :evil:

    new tyres? :roll: if they were on the bike to start with.
    warranty? :roll: sure thing, just doesn't include anything on the bike going wrong
    new paint? :roll: straight off the container and into a booth with minimal masking and no cleaning

    buying private is less of a risk IMO. at least theres not that many people out there sticking a lump of coal into a xmas stocking and trying to pass it off as a new PSP.
  11. Simple dont go there.. I have seen one close up and it was pretty ordinary. Also bad after sales service i have heard. Do yourself a favour and get a VTR, ZZR or an ACROSS. Much better for learners instead of the wanna be race bikes. :shock: Then when you are ready for your upgrade you can buy a real race machine.. :D
  12. Is that YOUR experience Coconuts, or are you just "he said/she said'ing"?

    I am not defending them, I am not recommending them, I just posted my experience with them which was a pleasant one, and for a learner back then, who knew nothing about bikes, not saying I do now, I got a bike that was very loyal to me.

    Maybe he liked the way I wore my hair that day or something. I remember I had a GREAT hair day that day, I must admit. Maybe that's why he kept the lemons for you and your people, sensing the bitterness soon as you walked in the front door, I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud. And what has Sony Video Games got to do with Sumotos? Is Playstation included in the learner package now??? Damn!!!!

    No not many at all, but heaps trying to convince you their bike for sale has never been dropped.

    Cheers reindeers.

  13. friend of mine, and no its not just a story, i picked half the things that were wrong with it and scratched my head with her on the MANY occaisions that it broke down before they finally addressed the issue.

    like i said, lucky...

    its just luck, like you or not, they'll still sell you a lemon if thats the bike thats lined up next. this bike was organised by a supposed friend at sumoto, little suprise tho, that they're not on the best of terms anymore.

    and you think that your sumoto one never was either? :LOL: :LOL: the fresh coat of paint is pretty much for that reason, covers up any past blemishes. not that this is a huge issue, a pre-dropped bike is fine by me if its been fixed back up properly....
  14. Uhm, okay, just don't go there any more then. I haven't. And I feel kinda good about it, although, I did get a kickass pair of gloves in the freebie deal. I think they are a no name but the chicks dig'em.


  15. "Rebirth" springs to mind - it's amazing what can be covered up with a fresh paint job......

    There's a reason they seem cheap.......
  16. to many people have posted here in the past , buying a bike and then a week later it shitting itself.
    the go back and are basically told to bugger off.
    if you dont heed the warnings from people who have been bitten allready then you buy and put up with it a your own risk.

    i wouldnt touch sumoto's with a ten foot pole .
  17. That'd be true if Sumoto weren't, typically, more expensive than the rest...
  18. I must have been one of the lucky ones then... my Hornet was in fairly good nick when I got it... I (now) know that I paid a bit more for it, but I got 6 mths warranty and that's piece of mind. I did put the warranty to use, my speedo cable snapped and odometer light blew 2 weeks after picking up the bike. I phoned them, dropped it off in the morning and picked it up that evening. I always make an effort with the sales person (not Con, the owner) and the guys in the workshop... the guys even spent time to show me how to do minor inspections and how to tension my chain, adjust the levers, change the oil etc... I arrange to buy a tank bag through them and got the bag at the price they were paying for it... Like I said, I may have been lucky.

    BTW... the guys there said that in order to make an import compliant, they had to do a major service on the bike... like check / clean the tank, chains, fit new tyres, and re-spray it etc... is that true? If not, why the hell do they have so many bikes that are pulled to bits in / around their workshop area and sometime still in shipping containers? there's easily 15 / 20 bikes being worked on every time I've visited them.
  19. This just sounds lazy.

    At the end of the day it's your money so it's your risk.

    Sumoto's is good for having a sit down on the bikes.

  20. Lazy? I don't know about lazy... I just value the spare time I have and running around Melbourne, making phonecalls, driving to woop-woop to just LOOK at a bike weekend after weekend etc etc etc etc I can think of better things to do with my time and money. Why is that lazy?

    I can easily retort by calling you a tight-arse and you are probably the type who always has to leave when it's your turn to shout. That's how it sounds, anyway.

    Yeah, at the end of the day it IS my money, and the risk I took paid off for me. I am sorry for those that it didn't work out, but it is the risk they took as well.

    Oh, and about the lazy thing, I also have a butler, a maid, a personal chef, 23 televisions, 46 dvd recorders and a couch that cost 1.3 million dollars.... Oh, and Mario from up the street does my lawn for a couple of Crownies and a look at my p0rn collection.

    And my 2006 winter's residence we will be in a chalet in the French Alps.

    Cheers and Merry Xmas to all. Won't you join us for some cognac?.