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Sumoto dealership?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by superD, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. edit- ahh the search button!

  2. Welcome to you......

    Before you milk us for info, tell us a bit about yourself Here

    Then we may help you. :grin:
  3. Ah, to be honest i was looking for the 'introductory' site of the forum and counldt find it..


    Before i go there, i thought id just point out that iv had a think and im not willing to fork out anywhere near that price for my first bike.

    Its only a first bike afterall, might go for a shitty one to get my bearings on.
  4. My advice would be to browse the market for a week or two before and get to know about the bike you're looking for, the alternatives and their market value.
  5. wat state do you live in? if your interested in buying a bike do not buy it from sumoto, there really well known for selling lemons(shitty dealer). If your interested in a cbr250rr, most Honda dealer will have some in stock(second hand) & 100% more reliable then sumoto.
  6. :WStupid: Sumoto would probably be the LAST place i'd recommend anyone going to. A lot of their stuff is cheap(ish) as their grey imports, means bloody hard to get parts for etc should the proverbial hit the fan.

    First bike, a 250 I reckon you should pay around 3g tops for, it doesn't need to be anything stunning. If you're tall/heavy then I would be looking at a LAMS bike of some sorts, LAMS is now available Aus wide with the exception of Victoria and we aren't that far off it finally.

  7. LAMS is not available in QLD
  8. :applause: Congrats for figuring out that one for yourself, so many obviously don't (or else Sumoto would be out of business). Paying less doesn't necessarily mean having to buy a shitty bike - just one that hasn't had the price ridiculously overinflated because someone gave a quick coat from a 2 buck can of spray paint. Although CBRs do tend to be over priced in general simply because every second newbie seems to want one - but if you look around long enough you might find a good deal.
  9. This has been done to death, can mods lock the thread??
  10. The T&C's should include a sub paragraph that advises new members to use the search function on the topics of: sumoto, which 250 suits me, squids... and some choice others :rofl:

    Mate, welcome, but use the search function on this particular topic.


  11. Type Sumoto into search and you will be amazed.
  12. buy my bike, it may not be sexy! oh yours for $3900
  13. hehe sorry guys i jumped the gun without using the search feature.

    Dont shoot me!!! :?

    I realised very quickly after posting that it wasnt a good idea anyway!

    Thanks all for being so patient :)
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