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Summer's here - what do you wear on a laidback/easy ride

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. ATGATT - ALL The Gear All The Time regardless of temperature

  2. Wear a T-Shirt but still gloves, long pants and boots

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  3. Wear a T-Shirt, shorts and runners but wear gloves

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  4. Wear a T-Shirt, shorts and runners and no gloves

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  1. As posted elsewhere, have had some warm days recently here in Sydney and great to be back riding in a T-Shirt.

    I enjoy the cool breeze when wearing a T-Shirt on a balmy day, but will always wear draggins, boots and gloves as a minimum.

    Have ridden a few times on the highway in a T-Shirt but will generally be wearing the armoured jacket.

  2. I can't wait to get out in my draggin's and a T-shirt.

    --[helmet, gloves and shoes[sneakers] also, of course]--

    Just remember: don't get sunburnt!
    SPF +15 it up a notch if you'll be on a longish T-shirt ride.
    Most people get reminded the painful way each season ;)
  3. I haven't ridden in the full heat of summer yet, this year will be my first. So I can't really say what I'll do with full commitment.

    But I'll attempt to wear boots, draggin cargos, as thin a shirt as possible, my A* jacket with the inside lining taken out, gloves and a lid.

    Full kit, but the jacket has air holes in it and i'm hoping it'll provide some breeze.

    When it comes to riding in full gear and getting dizzy from being way too hot, or riding without my jacket. i'll ride without my jacket.

    ... well, I dunno.. if i'm going to work (10 mins up the road, 50k zone the entire way, 1 lane bugger all cars) i'll just wear a shirt, work pants, boots gloves and lid.

    If i'm going down to the beach or something i'll wear my full gear seeing as i wont be riding for ages without stopping, and i'll be on the highway half the way there.

    but if i'm going for a long ride (WIHTOUT twistys), i'll wear full kit minus my jacket.
    i can't sit on the bike in full black.grey gear in the peak of summer for over an hour, surely.

    I'll let you know how i went after new years :p
  4. I need to get a new summer jacket. I had my usual one on today, but left it half-undone so I wouldn't boil in the warmth. I still had my boots and gloves, but being on the job, I was wearing my work pants.

    I guess my answer is "none of the above". :)
  5. t shirts... ouch i value my skin.

    full coverage for me.
  6. I have summer gloves,

    BMW "street sneakers" (still with proper protection but far lighter than normal boots)

    Draggin' Jeans

    a linen Draggin' Jeans jacket with kevlar and back protector which allows air to flow through comfortably. If it is really hot (like the Blue Ribbon ride last year) I wet down the jacket.
  7. When it heats up, it's power ranger time:
    Joe Rocket Phoenix mesh jacket. Feels like wearing a t-shirt but has plenty of armour. Cheap at around $250.

    I usually wear at least jeans and boots too, or better, draggins and a back protector too if I'm going to be having any fun.

    I can't tell you how good I felt about buying that jacket, it's been sensational.
  8. Having had a stack with and a stack without my jacket on, i will never ever ride without it again.

    Ktulu you should bloody well know better.
  9. Kevlar g-string for me.
  10. At a minimum in summer draggins and summer jacket with summer gloves and boots. I have low blood pressure and am prone to dizzy spells in the heat but never had a problem on the bike (off the bike is a different story!).

    I found soaking a t-shirt in water and wearing that under the jacket was great in the almost 40 degree days we had last summer!
  11. Had my first Squid fo the season on Sunday, just a casual cruise through Kuringai National Park in leather jacket and shorts. Oooooh the wind on my knees...
  12. Yeah, that's the principle used by all those cooling vests... At the moment I'm still trying to decide whether I want to spend hundred-something on one of them. I might, because I expect really hot summer this year!
    Anyway, in summer I usually wear a Dri-rider mesh jacket plus Draggins. Gloves always, riding boots... well, to be honest that's where I often cut corners... don't tell anyone :)
  13. Hey, I know it should be 'full gear, full time'... but we've both ridden to soccer in shorts before.
    It's gotta be done sometimes!

    ... I don't make the rules :roll:
  14. My Dainese Mako summer jacket actually has zippers to remove the arms so you can wear the jacket like a vest ! :shock:

    You won't see me doing that though.
    looks cool though.
  15. Leather Jacket = cool.
    Leather Vest = not cool.

    Sleeves = cool.

  16. keep one in the freezer at all times :LOL:
    dont forget the good old ice packs, like the sports ones.... frekin fantastic.

    I wear jacket, hornee or draggin jeans summer gloves and boots... if you are going jacketless dont forget the sunscreen :shock: the wind doth burn!!!!!!!
  17. Looking for a summer jacket at the moment: will still wear the full boots/gloves/lid/jacket, but have been wearing plain jeans. Gotta get me some Draggins or other (light) protective leg gear.

    Trouble with a laid back summer ride on your part is not everyone else on the road will come to the party with the low-risk strategy.
  18. yep i'm a ATGATT guy.

    Its no problem at all. If you get too hot in summer then thats because you have the wrong gear. The heat is no excuse not to wear gear. Of cause to each their own and i couldnt care less if people wear nothing but a g-string *shudder* on a bike.
  19. /me imagines Ktulu zipping off the sleeves and just wearing them, not the vest - cool!