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Summer Trousers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by cookie99, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. I have been seeking the holy grail of motorcycling, a good vented cordura and armored pair of summer riding trousers made for the "Bigger" man and not a Japanese clone.

    I have many pairs of riding trousers, BMW. RIVET, TIGER ANGEL but lack what will soon become very necessary in our changing climate, GOOD airflow, abrasion and impact resistant HOT WEATHER trousers.

    After this summer I suspect that most of us are going to want these or alternatively discover the pain and disfigurement caused by riding like the idiots I see every hot day on the roads. I all too often see them in my Hospital after hitting the asphalt in shorts, singlets and thongs and most importantly NO BLOODY GLOVES.

    As we recently told a 19 year old rider that he would need help to wipe his rear end forever after losing one hand and all fingers on the other from an accident that had he been wearing good gloves would only have kept him off the road for a matter of weeks.

    Any help gratefully appreciated.

  2. YAY!
    a squid thread in disguise...
  3. But one from the coal-face, you'd have to admit.

    I would like to find the same. I wear the right gear, even for short trips, but draggins are HOT, and prickly too.....
  4. I am a huge fan of the Draggin traffic style jeans. I too had issues with the classics in the draggin range being hot and uncomfortable. The traffics are a little thinner but with the same kevlar protection, and seem a fair bit cooler. Just for the record i hate the heat, so for me these are my best option for protecting myself and trying to stay as cool as possible.
  5. Let me know as well,if anyone actaly made something they would make a fortune,there is a huge need.
  6. That is one for the books! :grin:

    I was racing at the IOM before most here were part of this Earth and have 54 bikes under my belt.

    I suspect that I am a bit old for a squid, a blue whale perhaps but a squid? :grin: :grin:
  7. And the cargo pants ride up in sliding crashes, all m/cycle trousers should fit into the boot or zip up around the ankle of the boot to prevent ride up.

    If you want to see pain, lose the skin from behind your knees. :twisted:

    My opinion, I would never waste my money of DJ's they can publish all the stuff they want but until I see Val Rossi wearing them on the streets of London NO WAY :)
  8. Blue, what are 'traffic' draggins, I just went to the web-site and there's no mention of them :?

    Cookie, racing at the Island???

    When did you quit racing? As an old road-racing photographer (here in Aus) should I know you???

    To be fair, many of us have had some very good results from crashing Draggins :oops:.
  9. But at least you're on a B1250 now :grin:

    Its a shame we cant ride in shorts and cricket pads/thigh pads.
  10. Not our island "the real island" and Britain in the 60's and 70's

    USA 71-74 North Queensland enduro and dirt bike 70's to 80's

    No I never made the Paris Dakar.

    First bike raced was my Dads Velocette Venom last an H2R Kawasaki 750 triple.

    Present bikes 2003 FZ1 and 1250 Bandit
  11. Yeah, I meant the REAL Island...... A mate of mine raced a homebuilt 125 there at the 75th Anniversary meeting.....
  12. Damn. Did his hands just get ground away by the asphalt?
  13. I too need some well ventilated mesh style pants for summer.. and probably for all other non going out times too as I want some knee impact protection and I'd prefer to be cold than hot.
  14. Have you considered the mesh overpants?


    I have a pair of these & they are the business. Very comfy in our hot/humid climate & have a waterproof liner (that does keep me dry) that zips in when needed. Doesn't seem to be any distributors out here but with the Aus $ at the current levels the cost to oder from os isn't too prohibitive.

    They come with standard knee armour & optional hip armour.

    Best thing is I can wear them over my work pants for the commute without the need to change at work, just unzip em & hang them up with the jacket.

    There are a number of different brands around both in overpants and also dedicated cordura/mesh pants. Try a search at newenough.com

  15. to be clear, dood, i wasnt calling YOU a squid :grin:

    i meant, y'know, a thread about people wearing (what some consider to be) less than appropriate riding gear!
    as i am sure, you can appreciate, THAT particular topic has been beaten to death many times over. mostly, i was just having a gentle tease ;)
    I'm a bit like that :)
  16. Pah.

    Sure squidding is dangerous, but theres something about doing 100 with no gear on thats pretty breathtaking :grin:

    Yes I mean no gear on.. ok I always always always wear shorts at least.

  17. Yes I raced the Venom, Manx, and two years on the 250cc Yammie "not the prod racer (poorly) and had the pleasure to watch the greats, Hailwood, Read and Ivy in their finest years at the Island.

    Right hand and wrist shattered when he landed on it but it was the flesh loss from grinding between the bike and road that was irreparable and left fingers were badly burnt when the muffler landed on it (he was unconscious) also serve head injuries with permanent impairment to his hearing and bit the tip off his tongue.

    No thread has been done to death until satisfactory results allow it to be buried and I guessed that you were not trying to hurt an old man. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. Back to the main issue.... :p :p

    I've heard alot of reccomendations for the DriRider Airmest pants and the Ixon eqivilant (cant remember the name). Having ridin thru last summer with the DriRider Climate Control jacket I swear by having mesh gear.
    Just wish I bout some of the Airmesh pants last winter when they were cheap :roll:
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  20. Thanks for the link and it will be interesting to see how the armour looks in the jeans.

    It may well be worthwhile putting a zip in the bottom of the legs to prevent ride up.

    A major problem is the need to look "NORMAL" whilst being on the most dangerous machine on Earth apart from forklifts.

    I had a look at DRIRIDER and they look cool but I suspect protection when sliding is minimal.