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Summer touring ideas

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Infinite, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Hey all,

    This year seniorsenior and I finally have matching calenders for a nice long trip with both of us being forced to take 2 weeks off for the xmas period. We are trying to plan a 14 day trip out of Sydney starting on the 26th of December. We know this isn't the best time to go out on the road due to it being bloody hot but we want to do it anyway. One of the main reasons is to get away from the double demerits and busyness on the roads during the holiday period.

    At the moment the rough idea consists of going to visit Uluru and surrounds sometimes camping along the way.

    Another idea we are mulling over is to head up to Cairns to check out some of the beaches up there. This will most likely involve dealing with the huge crowds and a lack of accomodation (We will book in advance so likely wont be a problem) during peak tourist season.

    Anyone got any other recommendations of places to go during the holiday period?

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  2. I would be doing a tour of Tassie. There is no way would I tour up the center at that time of the year.
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  3. Tasmania!!!!!!!
  4. jinx EricEric
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  5. Isn't Cairns rather wet that time of year?

    Great idea. Must be awesome touring with your Dad / son.
  6. We honestly forgot about Tasmania... Lol. I will need to think of a route and places to see. But it does seem like a logical choice.
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  7. Benefit is that you come down thru all the cool victorian roads - all the alpine stuff, Omeo, EJ road etc, and closer to Melbourne black spur and Reefton, even GOR. And then Tassie!! Wow...
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  8. Tas isn't that great, but I would be avoiding Cairns and the outback during that extremely hot and wet time of year.
    If there is a big wet season up in the NW, you will find many roads cut for days on end.
  9. Which is ok if you're with a lady but no good if you're on a motorcycle! ;-) :wink:
  10. Quick update to this thread which I've kinda forgotten about. Looks like seniorsenior and I'll be welcoming in the new year with a Tassie adventure!

    The ferry and a hotel room in Hobart is booked for the New Years weekend, so no backing out now! Now all that needs to happen before then is to finalise an itinerary/route around those dates.
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  11. Plan for new tyres. Either just before you get on the boat, or as soon as you arrive. Places shut down over the holiday period, and Tassie roads shred rubber.
  12. You'll love it, I did a similar tour at the same time last year. We took 12 days there and back through NSW and Vic high country and had an awesome time.
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