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Summer time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dmalcantara, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. I was impressed today about how many "smart" people were riding with shorts and shirt today at Melbourne, even singlets.

    Come on, is it summer but do they really think they look cool (or stupid)?

  2. The good weather always brings the:squid:'s out.
  3. Wearing that sort of gear is only a problem if you come off.
  4. or have gravel flicked up at you,or run into bugs..bee/wasp size or bigger,or get sunburned.
  5. Just worry about yourselves
  6. exactly. There's nothing wrong with it.
  7. dont blame them, i was trying on a 1 piece and 2 piece leather suit today and the amount of sweat i lost was unbelievable, had to get my mrs to peel it off me, yes smee, i know, lard arse
  8. its a bit retarded but if they dont wanna keep their skin on them then go right ahead
  9. i've only seen one rider up here wearing full gear, and that was me in the reflection in the shop windows. yet to see another rider wearing ATGATT!!
  10. Lowercase what were you doing checking yourself out lol, did you at least nod or wave at your reflection?

    A friend of mine actually had a singlet, shorts and one of those shoes that looks more like a sock. The guy nearly got frosbite riding at night when the weather turned. Lol serves him right.
  11. Years (aeons) ago in the land of FNQ, full kit was shorts and jackie howe. If you needed sandshoes to kick it into life you were as weak as ....

    Any sheila worth her salt had exhaust burn scars on inner calves and could kick start a 650 without shoes.

    Both brain buckets and seat belts were seen as retrograde safety measures bordering on an infringement of civil liberties!

    Were they the "good old days"?

    PS Hang on - civil liberties had not been invented then!
  12. i nodded for sure!
  13. At least you had someone there that has seen you in your undies before

    When I went onesie shopping the poor guy in the shop had to help me get in and out of it.
  14. the poor guy?

    hols, i think you made his day ;)
  15. #15 Jeimbo, Dec 6, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 8, 2014
    I reckon if they want to ride wearing very little then it's their lookout however I did shake my head at the shorts / T shirt dude with a young child similarly dressed on the back. Far as I'm concerned the rider's responsible for the child's welfare and should have dressed him/her properly to be on a bike.

    Think I recall you saying once that you were called upon to assist a rather well built fella peel his leathers off at the Island once at a track day in warm weather......and that you took your time doing so ;)
  16. Not me! I wish
  17. It's not my skin so I don't care :D.
  18. Meh… 99.99% of the time I'm in full gear, but I'll occasionally squid it to the grocery store. I'm less likely to trailbrake into the corners, though :)
  19. In the past few days, I've seen heaps of 'summer-clad' riders around the streets of Melbourne.
    It's very easy to point the finger at someone not ATGATT, but I say each to their own. It is their skin after all, albeit the negative image it seems to give toward the motorcycling community...heck, even TAC uses this ad-nauseum !!! But they're (TAC) another 'breed' altogether...
    I gave a bloke in 'squid attire' a nod on his scooter the other day - gesture NOT returned.
    Without dwelling on the ol' flaming nod post (!!!), I sat back (as far as one can on a sportsbike) and pondered that these types may indeed be another breed also ???
    Safe riding folks !
  20. Aw get stuffed. Only reason you mob promote full leathers is because you spend more time than the average rider sliding on ya bums across the blacktop. Bit sad when a bloke is too afraid to go down to the servo without wearing combat armour.