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Summer perforated gloves by Bikers Gear Aus?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mucus, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Any thoughts on the make quality of these gloves?

    New short sumemr perforated knuckle Gloves

    Obviously only of a moderate protection level, I'm looking for a cooler glove to combat extreme Qld summer urban humidity..... I melt at lights & in slow traffic.:depressed:

  2. cant help you with the gloves but I've got two of their jackets and a pair of there jeans and the quality of those is great
  3. They look alright to me.
  4. agree with JeffcoJeffco got some gear from them and was happy with what they sent
  5. I can't remember what summer is...
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  6. Hope their quality control exceeds their spell check ability!
  7. Thanks fellas

    Anybody know if their gloves are true to size or smaller like Alpinestars?
  8. I've got three pairs of gloves from BG. Sizing was as expected.
    Good value for the price but you are not paying $200
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  9. I've had mixed results from BGA. A good run with textile jackets and pants, and good wets, but a pair of gloves barely lasted 6 months before falling apart. It wasn't the gloves you linked so YMMV.
  10. They look pretty good, but it's just my opinion, I haven't tried them.
    I do have a pair of their gauntlets that I'm very happy with, and a winter jacket.
    IMO go for it.
    I might try a pair of their thinner waterproof/wind proof.
  11. OK received gloves today but haven't tested yet..... fit seems good.

    No production labels present, only BGA & genuine leather tags. Assume they are made in Germany as the leather tag is in English & German.

    Online picture is deceiving as it appears all leather..... a stretchy nylon material between fingers joins upper & lower leather panels together with upper internally lined with what seems a gauze nylon covered thin foam layer. Plain thin perforated leather on underside.

    Should perform as expected in hot urban paced environment.
  12. I've had mixed results with BGA gear as well.

    I hope your gloves serve you well and are up to muster.
  13. I was happy with my bikers gears jacket when I went for a skate - tore up the jacket but no hurties underneath it.
    Jacket damage.JPG