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Summer pants Joe Rocket Leather or AStar textile?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Al_Cam, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Am after some pants for the hot days to go with a White AStar Indy perf. jacket I picked up at the Peter Stevens sale.

    I had sort of decided on These AStar textiles A-10 airflow for $270 from Revzilla: http://www.revzilla.com/product/alpinestars-a-10-airflow-pants but then found these Joe Rocket perforated Leather Blasters for $240 from Motorcycle Superstore http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/30/i/joe-rocket-blaster-2-0-perforated-pants

    Anyone got any Joe Rockets?

    Or - anyone know of a place in Melbourne (or Oz I guess) for reasonable perforated leather pants for under $300 ish?

    Road riding/commuting use so knee armour but not pucks necessarily.

  2. doing the same hunt myself! collins leather pants (on e-bay) look OK. Think its cheaper to deal with them direct.
  3. Not sure if it helps but I've been riding in A10 for the last couple of years, they offer good compromise between protection and airflow, not as bad as full leathers but can be pretty warm on a hot days, good in winter though. I'd recommend them
  4. Thanks Basileus. Sorry but by "Not as bad as full leathers" do you mean not as hot? The A10's do seem to be good. They also have the A10 textile/leather but looks non ventilated. I've spotted some AGV sport willows perf. leathers. Bit more protection (but maybe warmer) that are around the same price.


    And there's a pair on gumtree that might be about my size that I can at least try on avoiding the "wrong size - send it back halfway around the planet" hassles.

    If I zip AGV pants to an Alpinestar jacket do I increase the chance of a fall?;)
  5. Had a 30 deg. ride on Tuesday in my waterproof winter RST pants. Portable sauna.
  6. I meant that they're not as hot as full leathers. They offer good protection by combining leather where you need it (knees, shins etc) and textile where you don't (other areas). I'm not sure about AGV or any other brands as all my gear is Astars and my pants and jackets zip together perfectly, and this is a great feature to have as you get more protection and less wind in your back esp in winter time
  7. Ahh. Thanks. I was looking at the A10 air-flo which are all textile, Mesh in the non important bits. Summer wear.

    The Astar jacket I got has the complete zipper attached i.e. you can sew the pant bit to the pants of your choice. Some people comment on the flimsy look of the zip that's supplied so maybe something better anyway.

    Do feel a little uneasy not zipping the jacket to my RST pants each ride at the moment.

    I believe that AGV is a Dainese brand too for what it's worth.
  8. AGV Sport don't have any connection to Dainese.
  9. Ah O.k. I read it on a "customer review".
  10. AGV does, AGV Sport doesn't. They're not the same.
    I have an AGV Sport one piece, it's pretty good value for the price.
  11. Wore dririder air ride pants today with the indy jacket. 32 degrees + and they are OK. Stopped for petrol in Yea and another rider was complaining how hot it was when they stopped, (she was wearing black textiles) and I was fine. Don't know how they'd handle an off but there seems to be plenty of protection on the knees and hips. Wore a coolmax t shirt under the jacket.
  12. Do you think the coolmax makes much difference? I wear a thin cotton t shirt and end up with wet spots here and there. I wonder how much difference there would be with one of these wicking wonders. Suck it and see will probably be the only way to find out.
  13. I like coolmax and it seems to make a difference. I have a cheapish slazenger one from BigW
  14. Fantastic I hadn't thought of Big W, thanks. I was going to hit the hiking stores at lunch time.

    Minister for finance is getting a bit annoyed at more leathers, chain lube, paddock stand...
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    rebel sport sometimes have under armour wicking shorts

    oops meant shirts
  16. Even better. Thanks