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Summer Mesh Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pringa8, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Few questions:

    I've got a DriRider with removable liner, still gets hot in summer. Have a leather jacket but no pockets!

    Are these still a good form of protection, ie has anyone had spills but the jacket protected fine?

    Are they that much cooler than standard textile jackets? Like are you only 10% cooler or heaps more cooler?

    Is it worth getting another jacket??

  2. I've got one of these that I wear on hot days


    Kevlar lining and it takes armour in the back and arms. The only problem is that it's black and gets hot if you are stationary for any length of time.

    On the plus side on a really hot day I've soaked it in water and ridden with it on over a t-shirt and it worked very well.
  3. I can't answer the crash-related question, but for actual riding comfort they feel like you're wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt. The wind goes straight through the jacket, much better than a traditional "vented" jacket.

    They aren't much cooler at all when you're stationary.
    At speed they offer very little insulation at all - temperature fluctuations are much more noticable (for better or worse).

    I've got a lightweight waterproof jacket that I sometimes take with me to wear over the mesh jacket, if I think I might need wind/waterproof-ness.
  4. Mesh Jackets? You might as well squid it... recipe for nasty road rash!

  5. Um, how is a photo of a man wearing a tanktop, fashion jeans and a pair of sneakers at all relevant to a discussion about mesh jacket effectiveness and crashworthiness?

    You might as well upload a photo of a dead puppydog or something.
  6. His shoulder tat sucks
  7. Let me rephrase.

    Saying "Mesh Jackets? You might as well squid it..." isn't very constructive.

    They have CE-rated impact armour (so they're already one up on squidding). They have full-thickness cordura on the high-impact areas of the body, and a few layers of mesh cordura on the rest. (That's two up)

    Now, if you or a friend had had a crash wearing a mesh jacket and it hadn't been effective, or you'd showed a photo of a mesh jacket that had burned through in a crash, that'd be much more constructive... But an exaggerated negative comment with no evidence offered, followed by a photo of a man wearing no armour at all, doesn't really help answer GS5hundy's question. :)
  8. Agreed
  9. Sorry guys but I have a strong stance against people getting slack during summer with regards to gear.

    My friend came off last summer wearing a Dri Rider mesh jacket, the tarmac totally ripped apart the mesh parts of the jacket and gave him what you see in the above picture, black tar from the road inbedded in his shoulders.

    Too risky. If it's a little warm let the zipper down a tiny bit but still wear ya leathers people!
  10. I have a Dririder mesh jacket with a waterproof liner.

    It's not as lightweight or ermm... "holy" as some of the others that i've seen but it's done me well.

    I've come off twice in the jacket (as shown in garage pics) and it's only lost a button and lost some stitching where I slid. Obviously not major crashes but they were substantial enough for me to hit the asphalt hard and slide for a few metres.

    I'll trust leather over it if i'm going at speed obviously but it's held up well enough for me to have quite a bit of faith in it at commuter traffic speeds.

    It gets hot when i'm stationary but once i'm moving all i feel is the wind floating across my well vented arms and chest. :)
  11. I bought an AlpineStars Sniper Mesh Summer Jackety Type Thingo [size large] this summer.

    What a brilliant bit of kit!
    I don't care how good it is in a stack, coz it's got to be better than the T-shirt I would otherwise be wearing on some of these stupid-hot days.
  12. I've got this one;


    The white one.

    It's awesome. Wind goes straight through it like its a t shirt. I can comfortably wear it on a 30+ day. Wore it once at with no shirt under at all when it was almost 40 one day.

    It's still a proper textile jacket with armor. Less than $300.
  13. I love my dri rider climate control for summer hot days whilst commuting or cruising. When you take the water resistant + warmth layers out its pretty much just mesh and armour so its great for hot days. No excuse for squidding when such jackets are around cheaply (mine was 270ish).
  14. Your "friend" bears a remarkable similarity to a guy who came off on his way to PI a few years ago. By a strange coincidence he had an identical Richmond FC tattoo.

    I assume your "friend" has taken action against Dri-Rider. I certainly would if the jacket had ripped apart as it would have turned out to be unfit for the purpose it was purchased for.
  15. There's a picture on that awful R2D site that has a picture of a mesh jacket after a decent slide - pretty well mangled.
    That's enough for me to man up and wear full leathers.
  16. So the jacket is mangled - doesn't mean the wearer was. I've had the pocket scraped off a Tiger Angel Cordura jacket and the knee right off a pair of Draggin' jeans. Both looked terrible afterwards but my skin didn't.

    In fact even though they both looked destroyed it only cost me $20 to have the jacket repaired by TI and $10 for draggin' to put a new knee patch on the jeans.
  17. Even if the jacket protects you from 1 crash then money well spent imo.
  18. Have you considered the jackets that are half leather and half textile? They're meant to be great. Personally I wear leather jackets all year round, its all good once your moving. I have seen a rider come off at 35km in a textile jacket and that was bad enough.
  19. Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys, I'm just not sure being in Canberra, do I just put up with it for a few months, or shell out the $300. Still have to get tyres, find some mirrors and get the ignition fixed, maybe suck it up til next summer?? Though its good to know people are finding the mesh jackets nice and breezey, that's exactly what I'm after (and I'm sure they protect well in a slide otherwise a few lawsuits would have ensued...)
  20. I take all the 'all leather all the time' comments with a grain of salt.

    So often they come from weekend riders on 1k bikes with one speed - flat out.

    You layer up in cold weather don't you? Keep the body temp up to avoid fatigue and stay alert? Hot weather impairs your abilities - dehydration, distraction.

    I think there's a case to be made for summer textile gear. Armour and cordura on the impact areas, cordura mesh to manage the heat. Better than street clothes? No question.

    We've just had 3 days in sydney's west near 40 degrees and I know I'm now in the market for a summer jacket.