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Summer (mesh) Jackets - Any Experience?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by boingk, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone. Well summer has well and truly hit around here, with most days being 30+ for the last week or two. I've taken to riding around town without a jacket simply because I can't stand the heat. I know its dangerous if I come off, so please no comments about squidding. My bottom line is that my current jackets are too hot to wear at the moment.

    I want to stop squidding. :angel:

    Anyway, I've been looking at some air-mesh type jackets from various manufacturers (hindered by the local businesses not having many in stock) and have seen some Joe Rocket stuff online that I like the look, features and price of. Specifically, the Pheonix and UFO jackets.

    If anyone has any experience with these jackets (or any other summer jackets) it'd be great if you could do a short write-up.

    Cheers - boingk

    PS: For reference I'm a 6'2" male and reasonably fit, if that makes a difference.
  2. One of my mates has a shift mesh jacket that he loves. He reckons it's feels close to wearing a t-shirt.
    I don't know his height but he's a tall bastard. Will try to get some info for you though.
  3. I couldn't cope commuting in summer without a mesh jacket. I have a climate control dri rider, was $400 rrp about 3 years ago. With the waterproof and warm layers taken out its basically CE armour with mesh on top. Feels like squidding compared to leather though.

    Theres no excuse for squidding due to heat when theres mesh available. For convenience or suntan is a different matter though :)
  4. I've had an RJays Octane and I presently use a Moto-Dry Stealth. Love mesh in the summer, and I have crash-tested the former, with satisfactory results.
  5. Yeah ive got a Shift mesh jacket and with the insert (jacket lining) taken out it is nice and cool. Wouldnt squid when ive got one of these.
  6. Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0. Very happy with it, ticks all the boxes. Got it for $250 on a close-out. Has now been superceded by the.....wait for it......Phoenix 5.0 !!!
  7. .. or even superseded....
  8. Both are correct.

    But back on topic, I have a Dainese mesh jacket and I love it. Keeps me cool when the weather gets hot!


    (This is not a photo of me, but it is the same style of jacket.)
  9. +1 for the Phoenix 4.0. Got some decent inbuilt padding in shoulders/back/elbows too.

    They do feel very much like a tee shirt, except when the temp get really high, as you then feel every bit of the hot wind.

    I wouldn't expect it to provide anywhere near the level of protection that a leather jacket would provide though. Even a mild slide will see you using your bones as brakes IMO.
  10. Mesh jackets are the only way to go in hot weather.. always tempted to squid but never have.

    If interested and happy to buy online overseas with the dollar as it is, i've bought from these guys before and i can only say good things about them. See if it works out cheaper.


  11. I used my dri-rider climate control without the waterproof and warm linings the other day and they are seriously cool. It's the motorcycle gear equivalent of a condom, feels almost the same but much safer!*

    *I haven't actually safety tested the mesh jacket (thank god)
  12. Motoline Mesh jacket here and I swear by it for summer.
  13. Spidi Drymesh. Used it in anger first time for this season last Tuesday for the ride to the forum. Does a great job. But the ride home got chilly as it got later. Felt every inversion layer or whatever (warm to cold air streams). That's the only problem with it.

    Some have suggested that on the really hot days that being subjected to a continuous blast of hot air means that your skin dries out faster and that you dehydrate quicker. To that end maybe a wind proof but still lightweight but breathable jacket would be better.
  14. Motodry mesh jacket. Wear a (windproof) Oxford Chillout top under it when its cooler and avoid mjt57's problems.
  15. Also have a phoenix jacket, was around $150ish delivered from USA. great value jacket.
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    general experience with mesh jackets, unless you're sitting at the lights you won't know you're wearing it...allthough i have found wearing a back pack practically cancels out their effect...so i just put my lunch and stuff in a tailbag when it's hot and opted for mesh jacket.

    i'm looking to buy a new one myself, have been comparing/researching a lot...many notable ones allready mentioned above...but i'm probably going with this one from http://www.rs-taichi.com/main/index.html

    this website> http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=5915 has the most detailed on line info on the jacket i've found thus far, but i've not purchased from there before, so can't actually vouch for them

    and a good review of the jacket on you tube here> [media=youtube]oMW0ikMehWY[/media]
  17. Rjays Octane. 3rd summer with it now .. wouldn't be without it
  18. And when the weather is REALLY HOT, just dunk the jacket in water and put it back on :wink:. Make sure you get your mobile out of the pocket first, though (y) :LOL:.
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