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Summer lightweight neck warmer ??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rabbit, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Do these exist? I haven't been able to find any in Aus, only on UK shopping sites.

    Protection against bees is required :grin:
  2. Funny you should mention it..... I received a Buff in the mail today and I think it'd fit your requirement exactly.

    They are made of microfibre, are seamless and seem to be fairly comfy. One of the suggested uses is to dampen it before you jump on the bike and it works to keep you cool as you ride.
  3. I use a silk scarfe tucked, it goes well with my goggles and leather helmet :cool: :cool:

    nah I use a microfibre one which is pretty thin, I got it from Aldi. When it;s hot I use one of them scarfy things you put in the fridge, very cool :cool:
  4. try katmandu or one of the other hiking shops. I've got an old one from there thats not fleece that works well.
  5. protections from bees, rabbit? you sook.

    as if take away all the fun of watching a rider trying frantically to remove their helmet, with gloves on and everything.

    its a great sight :LOL: :p

    mmm actually i need a cold weather neckwarmer, shall be visiting the NR store in a sec :LOL: i like the breeze in summer tho :)
  6. Could be that rabbit's allergic to bees, hence the need for protection.
  7. While I imagine its quite amusing watching a bee infested rider doing a strip, cookeetree is right - I have a quite bad reaction to bee stings.

    Thanks for all the info - will be checking out buff (MMmmm buff) at Anaconda this weekend.
  8. tilt the head bit downward. i've never had bee or any of the small insects hit my neck so far
  9. While this may work for the vast majority of the time, it only takes one lapse for a bee to cause mayhem for an allergic person. Better to be protected. :wink: