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Summer jackets - What's good?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wokka wokka, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. As the weather warms up my thoughts turn to summer mesh/vented jackets (at least they do when riding in 30 deg in my textile winter jacket).

    What do people recommend?
    I have winter gear with removable quilted liners, and just need a jacket for summer and nice spring/autumn days.

    One with a zip in liner or two looks like a good idea.

    I commute daily, so would be looking for attachable pants also.

    Basically a bit of protection without sweating to death is what I'm after.

    I did like the look of the RS Taichi vented jackets, and found a couple of positive reviews, but http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/ are clearing stock and won't have them back in.

    I'm not overly keen on the power ranger look, prefer simple stuff, without huge logos, but I'll take what I can get if it's cool and comfortable.

    Also, where to get them from? I prefer to be able to try stuff on first, so not that keen on ordering online without any chance to try it on.
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  2. I picked up a DriRider AirRide 2 a few weeks ago. It's surprising how much of the jacket is mesh. Has shoulder, elbow, and back protection, and a zip in waterproof liner. Not sure if it is too power ranger for you though ;)

    On cool nights it's bloody freezing riding along wearing the jacket, even with a hoodie underneath. The liner makes a huge difference though, stopping the wind getting through.

    I bought from a real life store because I wanted to try it on. I'm 172cm tall and reasonably slim build, and bought an M. Seems comfortable enough, though the sleeves are a little long for me.
  3. I have an Rjays "Adventure" jacket that isn't too bad.
  4. I have an RJays Octane jacket, it seems good (quite cool as it is very ventilated), but the elbow guards have an annoying tendency to migrate down every time you put it on and you have to wiggle them back up into place, so you'd wonder how well they'd stay in place and protect you if you had an accident.
  5. Anything lighter than black will help stop heat absorbtion.
  6. I've got two of these Motodry stealth jackets:
    Lots of airflow and the arms are long enough. Important for us apes. It has a removable liner, and claims to be water resistant, which means you will get wet if it rains.
  7. alpinestars TG-P R air works really well. however the only other jackets i owned before this was the aldi textile and leather jackets. the arms still seem a little too hot for my liking cause i run hot. not sure about pants to go with it though
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    I've got the RST ventilator III which seems pretty and even stars is a crash vid posted here recently (it did okay).
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  9. Alpine* Atem perforated leather (more protection than textile?) - Picked it up at Pete Stevens sale. Mostly white. Nice & cool when moving this week on Sunny 32C arvo. Not too bad sitting stopped at lights for long period (IMO white makes difference). 12c ride in on same morning with Merino thermals & tee-shirt was OK for half an hour commute. happy with my choice at this stage, ask me again in 3 months.

    Came with both halves of waist zip - easy to sew to pants of your choice.
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    oxford chillout top is the go. windproof front and more comfy than the liners. designed to allow you to wear perforated leathers when its colder.
  11. Conversely you could wear t shirt or for the sun smart a long sleeved T.
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  12. ^^ This is what I have and like it. Never dropped the bike with it on though.
  13. I just got an Icon Hooligan mesh jacket.. I Love it, like having air conditioning on the bike haha.
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  14. RST Ventilator III

    Removable inner lining, which you'd want to keep in for winter and remove for summer.
  15. I had a Dainese Air Frame 2 which I really liked. Great quality, never crashed in it but seemed like it had decent armour for such a thin mesh jacket. Had a thin liner for stopping the wind on cooler days/nights.

  16. that looks sweeeet :) i might have see if Santa can pick one up for us!

    how is it slide/crash-wise?
  17. Ixon make decent ones.... I was looking at the icon alloy but I think I'm gonna get a dainese super speed textile.... Fit is a little weird for dainese but quality seems decent as usual....
  18. Give Alex a call at MRG a call and see what he has in stock. I have 2 RS Taichi jackets and both are great.

    Only issue is they do not make a lot and the Japanese seasons are opposite to ours. So you need to be ordering winter stuff now and summer stuff at the start of our winter to get what you want.

    Alex is down in rowville and is happy for you to try stuff on either at his place or his storage facilty if he has something you are interested in in stock.

    Cheers Jeremy
  19. I hate mesh jackets