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Summer Jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Pygmy, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Any suggestions for a summer jacket suitable for riding in high 30's & low 40's? I would like one that still has the armour, is cool(ish) and not cost an arm and a leg. Last summer we were getting 6 or 7 days in a row over 40.

    How abrasion resistant are the "mesh" jackets? It will be a while before I get back down to the bigsmoke so I'm trying to do research before I get there. I ride a cruiser so I prefer not to use a short jacket, if that makes any sense. :)
  2. I just wear my usual DriRider with the thermal lining out. It's not brilliant, but it's bearable, given the very open weave of the fabric. The armour stays in so I've no real qualms about crash protection.

    Here in WA, with our generally low humidity, wearing a soaked t-shirt under the jacket works well for evaporative cooling if you can keep moving.
  3. I just bought a summer jacket from Komine (japanese brand). It's a mesh jacket but has fantastic protection: back and breast plate, titanium caps for shoulders and elbows. You could probably pick one up for around 300.

    I think dainese make some great mesh jackets jackets for under 300. Like this one:
    You have to buy the back plate separately but at 40 degrees you'd probably want to keep it fairly light.
  4. I have 2 summer jackets ... and just ordered another!
    Joe Rocket "Lucky"

    Icon "Suzuki Fuel"

    Bought them a year back when the Aussie was close to 98cents, about A$80-90 each incl delivery from US store.

    Just ordered this one last week from these guys:
    Size S, US$59.95, I just couldn't resist!

    Shipping came to US$60 for the jacket, pair of boots, pair of textile pants.

    Great time to be buying from the States!
  5. I have a Teknic Legend perforated Leather Jacket. Should be able to get it around $400 (probably cheaper via the net). While on the move it's great with all the perforations. It does warm up fairly quickly when at a standstill in traffic etc though. Also comes with a zip out quilted liner which I never use as I have a 'winter' jacket.
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  7. I bought this one from bikers gear Aust on Phillip Island,

    The velcro tabs that fasten around the wrist needed beefing up after a year of use,but otherwise I have had no problems with it except when I got caught in a downpour..the waterproof liner is just that..but I got a seeping wet spot down the length of the front zipper..but that is to be expected I guess.
    With the lining taken out it feels like you are not wearing a jacket at all. For 130 bucks it's not a bad budget buy.
  8. I use the Rjay Octane Jacket.
    It's a mesh with body armour, back protection, etc...
    Comes with a waterproof inner liner that keeps you warmish on a cooler summer day then as it warms up I remove it.
    On the hot days, leave the liner out and the wind comes through the mesh nicely.
    Comes in 5 colors too.
  9. I have an RST mesh jacket, not sure of the exact name but it cost around $300. It is fairly light and it has a removable waterproof liner and a removable fleece liner so I use it all year round. It has all the armour except back armour so I just wear a Dainese back protector under it. Last summer it did the job nicely.
  10. It is pretty hot in Townsville all year round so I use a Dri Rider Climate control 2 with the thermal and wet liners removed. It is lovely and cool when you are moving but you still cook at traffic lights.
  11. Thanks for all the responses and especially the links. Discovered heaps that I hadn't heard of. There's none at the bike shop in town, but a bike shop about 4 1/2 hours away has some I can check out. Any excuse for a ride. =D

    Thanks again for your help, I'd rather get real world reviews than sales pitches.