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Summer Jacket Time

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by Bravus, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Wore the mesh summer jacket and gloves on the bike for the first time this season today. Great feeling because I know there's a good 7-8 months before I really need to bust out the winter gear again.

    I love being a rider and living in Brisbane.
  2. Ummmmm? [-( you saying it busting out all over, it still fits??... :p
  3. Heh, and I obviously didn't read Nitekreeper's 'pre-emptive strike from the dark side' thread before I posted, with it's similar theme.

    Ain't life grand?
  4. Me and my mates already have our summer gear sorted............


  5. I've got to buy a new mesh jacket this year. Currently on the look out for one. :)
  6. I'll be in a singlet. Fark the jackets
  7. I just swapped to a new Joe Rocket UFO jacket on Sunday.
    I'm happy with it so far.

    And I agree with Bravus - that wind howling through onto your skin is awesome.
  8. Thinking I might make the jump to a mesh jacket this summer as well, deisions, decisions....
  9. Lucky eastern staters.

    Still winter weather here in perth, rain, cold, miserable. Can somebody put some nice riding weather into an airbag and send it over here for us? :D
  10. It rains in Perth??? :cheeky:
  11. I have a Joe Rocket CBR mesh jacket and love it. As you can see it has Honda all over it and I now ride a Kawasaki. ](*,)

  12. =D> classic
  13. I have the same jacket - for anyone looking, available from HERE for $99... They also have Suzuki ones...
  14. Thanks to whoever moved it... though I meant it to be a 'joys of riding' thread rather than a gear thread... anyway, seems that's the way it's gone.

    Certainly not a product review, though.
  15. I've been wearing my summer jacket all through winter...just got to give it a bit of a clean I think.
  16. i've got that jacket too, only all black.
    been wearing it daily for the last 6 months (with the liner in and a fleece jumper underneath)

    went out a few days back without the liner at all and it was still sticky hot at 100km/h

    got AGV mesh pants too but haven't been game to wear them yet
  17. Body armor jackets FTW
  18. I went in to MCA yesterday and picked up a dainese air-flux ... when I say picked up really I went in to buy a grunge brush and a can of chain cleaner and bought the jacket on impluse.

    Tried it on in the shop and it looked great (what from dainese doesnt), armour fitted comfortably on my elbows and shoulders. Only problem was I didnt know how well air would flow through it.

    Que my mate Paul walking in, "dude, blow on my chest" ... the look on his face said it all. Anyway after convincing him that I just wanted him to blow air on my chest he did (after he stopped rolling on the floor) and it passed the in house test.

    I road home during lunch today to drop it home and I couldnt believe how cool it kept me. The air flow through it was just amazing.

    Hopefully get a proper ride in over the long weekend and write up something a bit more in depth then a 15 minute ride home and my mate blowing on my chest ...