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Summer is coming!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by murchy, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Sorry for the frivolous post, but I'm just so excited guys! :D

  2. Me too, the change in temp has me pumped :)
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. see how you feel about that this evening......:cool:
  5. Which means the wobblers who on ly appear when the thermometer is reading over 20 degrees start to come out from their winter hibernation. The same wobblers who fail to appreciate that whatever riding skills they may possess has waned through their winter slumber.

    Be wary of these wobblers for they are out there.
  6. The worst thing about now is taking the thermals out of my jacket for the commute home in the afternoon and putting it back in in the morning. Such a pain in the posterior
  7. At least I got a couple of dry hours yesterday to scrub in a new front tyre.....
  8. There is too much negativity here.
  9. I like to call it reality with a healthy dose of awareness for improved self-preservation.
  10. self-preservation has nothing to do it; it's more of the same self-righteous, pompous disease that has infested Netider of late, and the sooner we are rid of it, the sooner we can all enjoy our reading here, free from riders who can't find anything useful to post except whines about other riders :evil:
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  11. Feeling your conscience nag at you Hornet?

    It is a fact that there are many riders who only come out with the sunshine, to deny this and fail to grasp that their skills degrade due to inaction is manifestly stupid. To fail to take this into consideration when travelling about as part of the risk management process that all riders do is not doing yourself any favours.

    If you want to sit around a camp fire & sing Koom-ba-ya then fill your boots, don't confuse that with the cold hard light of reality though.
  12. we gonna have a ball today
  13. Why would my conscience be worrying me? I've probably been riding, in all sorts of conditions, with all sorts of riders round me, for longer than you've been breathing :roll:
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  14. ^^ well said hornet, seems to be a trend across all forums this negativity....actually society itself. Can't we all just be a bit more positive!

    Ps BRING ON SUMMER, warm days/nights and clear skies FTW :D
  15. I'm tired of these keyboard heroes. If you want to have a cheap snipe at someone, how about arguing with the person who FIRST POSTED that the posts were negative, instead of at the person who backed up the assertion?????
  16. I knew summer was on the way when I saw the first ******** in T-shirt and shorts riding along with his girlfriend on pillion, in cheapo leather jacket and regular jeans.
  17. Another one for the good weather !

    Will be my first summer on two wheels, looking forward to great road conditions.. at least the lack of wet stuff is ONE less thing to think about ... although ill still be on the lookout for it !
  18. i only ride when the weather is fine.......
  19. Summer is coming!

    There will be all sorts of threads about what other people are doing wrong.

    And all sorts of people on all sorts of bikes enjoying in their own way the glorious act of motorcycling.

    My gripe is that the coming of summer only signals the ensuing winter! :evil: :wink:
  20. ...be negative, because when something positive happens you double in satisfaction/happiness/enjoyment. It's like planning and everything going bad, it doubles the negativity, be spontaneous and have a great time and this doubles the positivity. You plan something and it goes right...well you get double positives, but then you had to plan in the first place so you break out even.

    Most positive people I know, are sad or in denial, more so when things don't go their way.
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