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Summer is coming - leather or textile?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ad91on, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    A few things:

    I'm looking at buying my first decent jacket. I was originally looking at the top of the line shift jacket, but thats heavy leather and its coming around to summer. i want to stay with shift because my pants are shift and i dont want to have to go to a tailor and change things around.

    What i'm really asking is: Would a textile jacket be that much cooler than a leather one without the lining in? I'm on a budget and would rather buy one really good jacket than two half-arsed jackets, but if the textile is much more comfortable in summer then i'll get that.

    Also, how difficult is it to change the zips for jackets that zip into pants?

    Sorry about the noob questions.

  2. cant really help with the tailoring and getting it to all zip together.
    but id go the leather.
    i wear a 2pc leather suit all year round. whilst out riding having fun dont really notice the heat as u always have a breeze on u. im sure some people may find it unbearable but each to their own i spose. it can get a little warm when you stop for a while, but just unzit to let some air in, and yeh, like i said, when your riding as long as there is some ventilation in the jacket the air will find its way in. i had no problems getting too hot even one those scorchers last summer!
    also, if im ever to come off, id trust leather over textile any day.
  3. perforated leather might be the go, although its still a bit hotter than textile.
    you can get knox coldkillers or oxford chillout to wear under it in winter.
    I've got leathers and a serviceable mesh jacket for when its hot.
    something like
  4. Go the cow.

    It's not all that much hotter than textile.

    Hot is always going to be hot.

    I wore leather in those 4 days that were in excess of 40c sure it's warm but hey,,,,,,,,HTFU :)
  5. Leather's always going to give you the best protection, so that should be your primary concern. ;)

    Sure it's going to be a bit toasty (esp if you wear black), but it's honestly not much more than a textile. You can always unzip the front or lower sleeves a bit for more ventilation, and many good jackets/suits have inbuilt ventilation anyway. As others mentioned, you can always wear a cool-suit underneath or some skins to make things more comfortable. A bit of harden-up is all you need and there's nothing to worry about...just remember to keep the fluids up if on a longer ride yeah. :)

    I've always worn my leathers all year round, and throw a shell suit over if the elements are nasty. Depends on the riding you do, but I'd always take leather over textile. :)
  6. Which shift jacket? If its the one with stretch kevlar breathing sections than the combination of protection and airflow is hard to beat.
  7. Go the leather. One other reason to choose leather over a mesh jacket is that you will not dehydrate as fast. Something you should really consider if going out for more than 30mins.
  8. If you're at risk of dehydrating in a mesh jacket then you're equally at risk of heat fatigue in a leather jacket.

    I have a RJays All Seasons Textile Jacket and Pants and commute from Summer through Winter wearing them. With this balmy weather in Melbourne I've already taken the liners out.

    I think whether or not you will be able to tolerate leather comes down to how much time you'll be spending waiting in traffic. Personally, my only regret in not buying leather is that I can't participate in a track day with mere textiles. :(

    Alternatively, you might be interested in a new product that's just come onto the market. It's called "invisible kevlar" and it's quite popular with those new to sports-bikes:

    [​IMG] :shock: :p
  9. ^^^ seems like a good, cheap alternative

    Unfortunately, i'd rather spend some money on my skin!!

    I think i'll go the leather. I'm not sure if its the shift with the kevlar, but its mainly how cool it looks that makes me want it...

    Thanks for your help guys!
  10. Go the leather, just do what you can to avoid slow / start, stop traffic.

    When you have a jacket on in the sun no matter what you will be feeling the heat. I wear perf leather and it's not that back on the warmer days we have had and alright in winter mornings. Though I'm in QLD so winter mornings doesn't really count does it?
  11. Yes, most definately. I have a shift 2 piece suit (perforated) and a dri rider mesh jacket. The mesh jacket is an absolute life saver for commuting on hot days, would melt in the leather. But for 'real' rides I wear the leather and put up with it..
  12. I can also vouch for the Dr. I Rider mesh jacket in summer. It's not going to save my skin if I slide too along the freeway, but I'm banking on it doing the job for local trips. That said, I've ridden for miles with no helmet when I was in the states just because I felt like it was something I had to do, so I'm not the resident safety advisor :)
  13. Is leather jacket rain proof? Would perforated leather jacket get warm in Winter? How's the brand Shift compares to Alpinestars or Dainese?
  14. No not water proof, if it gets soaks long enough it will start seeping in. Also drying a soaked jacket takes a few days as you cant chuck it near the heater or leave it in the sun unless you want to crack it.

    I own a shift leather and textile jacket as well as a a* leather. I cant really tell the differance between the 2. Shift is pretty popular these days.
  15. You can get stuff to seal the leather, like that spray can stuff, but i don't know how effective that is.