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Summer haircut

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tilduke, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Welcome to the club !

  2. Meh, who cares ?

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  3. Fantastic !

  4. WTF where you thinking?, you ugly mofo.

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  1. Completely randomly last night I decided to take my biker look to a new level.


    That's right, I shaved my head ! People probably think it looks kinda stupid on me, but I quite like it. I don't really care what anyone else thinks, it's my head, my choice.

    So what do you guys think anyway ? Anyone else shaved their heads ?

    Comparitive pic: http://members.optusnet.com.au/asusanator/standing.JPG

  2. You look like a poster child for the national front :shock:
  3. Well... you do look younger... In a thuggish kinda way
  4. I would if I had any hair.........
  5. Close enough :p ...

    Some good reasons to shave!

    Imagine all the money saved if all the world shaved ! Imagine the marked decrease in hot water consumption leading toward an ideal of natural gas conservation. Soaring electric bills caused by the use of trivial appliances such as the blow dryer would decline toward a more moderate, appreciative, and affordable level. The need for costly items such as shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, dyes and colorings, hair sprays, hair dryers, combs, and brushes would be non-existent. The expense for hair care would be equal to that of the cost of a can of shaving cream and a razor blade.
    Help stop our precious environment from spiralling down the tubes. Think of the vast number of people in the modern world who selfishly waste hot water each and every day to wash their hair. And on top of this, of all things, use hair spray ! All these gallons of hot water are ultimately the result of burning natural gas, fuel oil, and coal. The burning of these fossil fuels along with the needless use of hair spray is depleting our ozone layer at an alarming rate !

    Those involved in sporting activities can truly appreciate this aspect of a good clean thorough head shaving. Highly competitive individuals constantly seek that winning edge. The razor blade provides a sharp one ! Lack of hair equals less wind resistance and less water resistance. In speed oriented sports, a shaved head can easily mean the difference between winning and losing.
  6. Just make sure you wear a hat out in the sun - nothing looks stupider than a bright red, sunburnt noggin.
  7. "i dont care what anyone else thinks"


    "so what do you guys think anyway?"

    :p :p :grin:
  8. lol I mean it wont influence me .. I am just interested in peoples thoughts...

    Yeah I intend to .. I am just trying to find one that fits .. caps don't sit properly on my large cranium :p
    I was thinking an akubra style...
  9. Akubra style hats look right on only three sorts of people:


    Rodeo folk


    Indy Girls (and lets face it, they would look good in anything)

    Stick with caps unless you live out in the bush or want to look like a tourist.

    Main reason however...

    Akubras are hell hard to carry on the bike :LOL:
  10. perfect:


  11. lol well I live on the border of country/suburbs .. I did live with my dad on kangaroo island for a couple of years which is definitly country ;)

    I just need to find something that actually fits and akubras are the only thing I know of so far ....
  12. :LOL: so when does basic training begin?
  13. When I was in the Services we were told "No extreme military haircuts" Besides the regrowth ingrowns are a pain in the arse. :shock:
  14. I wouldn't mind the army or whatever but I am afraid that I will be sent to some place to fight some people who don't really deserve it... if it was just defending Australia sure sign me up.

    Haha I see against is winning... You can't say that I looked any good with my old cut though ...
  15. Your scared of being drafted into the Hells Angels?
  16. Razor bumps are mainly a problem for people with curly or coarse hair. Using a sharp blade helps and if you do suffer from them try a single blade razor rather then a multiblade one. The lift and cut motion of the multiblades isn't good for people who suffer from razor bumps.
    Ohh and the reason ? It's because if the hair gets cut at an angle it becomes sharp and so if it curls back it can puncture the skin

    using a depilatory (like Nair or Neet) instead of a razor can help because it just disolves the hair ... but that stuff is pretty strong so it can cause irritation. More info http://headshaver.org/articles/article_razor_bumps.html
  17. Now that you have begun your transition towards "Biker Chic", might I recommend the article of headwear that all true bikies swear by to keep their shaved heads free of unwanted burnage:

    The Bandana!!

    You could thus complete your tough guy biker image AND remain relatively free from heat-stroke. Nuff.
  18. ....dont forget the most important addition to achieve biker authenticity. plenty of facial hair :wink: :cool:
  19. I must ask.. do the people saying it looks bad not like shaved heads all together or think it looks bad on me ?