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Summer gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Nine Volt Heart, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Could someone please offer their thoughts on the best kinds of summer gloves that have protection, not just comfort? I'll be riding in Brisbane over the summer and want something really cool as well as safe.

    thanks in advance

  2. Having recently browsed the very same thing, Ive noticed a few variations:

    Fabric - a full fabric glove with shorter wrist length (usually ends at base of palm) with leather patches to areas like along the topside of each finger and also over the knuckle area with some having a palm patch. Mostly used by motox riders however dont have any armour/knock guards fitted.

    Perforated leather - available in both the base palm length & also slightly longer version ie: 2" along wrist. Either plain straight perforated leather however have also seen ones with raised hand knuckle guard protection.

    Leather / Fabric mix - Leather upper and lower with sidewalls of fingers being fabric. Some of these have raised guards to each finger knuckle and also a raised hand knuckle guard

    Leather with vents - Full leather glove with raised finger knuckle guards that have a one way mesh vent inserted to the guard allowing inward air flow. These also have the raised hand knuckle guards.

    All the above come in various shades of black :LOL: as well as other colours/contrasts including some that have reflective highlighted areas.

    So plenty of options available :)
  3. Thanks for your detailed response. I'll be out looking, 3-dimensionally
    and electronically, immediately.
  4. RST and DriRider both make a mesh type that seem reasonable value. After last nights ride I am getting something cooler myself!
  5. That's very funny.
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  7. I have a pair of Draggin Jeans ones for summer riding, bear in mind as mentioned they have no armour, but also if you ride a bike where you have to reach a little i.e. most sports bikes, it doesn't have any padding to take pressure off your hands/wrists...
  8. My spidi leather ones have armour on and I find them pretty cool in the summer (and not just here in Tassie :wink: - I used them in Melb and Syd during summers there too!), but it may be that I would rather have sweaty hands than no armour on them
  9. I have dririder airmesh gloves, hard armour on knuckles and finger joint. Palm is light (leather) and leeches dye, but, they are cool. $59 thereabouts
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