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Summer Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jez79, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Hi all, anyone seen any good summer gloves on sale in Melbourne?(preferably near the city) My other ones are like bloody ski gloves sometimes starting to get a few tears here and there.

  2. i picked up some airmesh summer gloves by DriRider they are fantastic!!

    full leather protected palm, reinforced knuckles but webbing on the back is mesh. very comfortable and light and summery!

    have a look around the bike shops

    $ 50- 60$
  3. Riding around the sydney metro I tend to wear pushbike gloves in summer.
  4. C&K Sport gloves $55

    Good shit :)
  5. I bought a pair of RST GP pilot gloves the other week, they have little wire mesh vents on the index and middle fingers and holes in the sides of all the fingers.
    I wore them all day yesterday at the toy run in the blistering heat and they were great. $130 less my netrider discount from redwing in bell st.

  6. Hey Caz,
    A bit hard to tell from the pix, do these gloves have only the 2 vents on the index and middle fingers? How about the sidewall of the fingers is there any cool mesh fabric stuff or is it all leather?

    I'm just wearing Fox Racing dirt bike gloves, a bit of knuckle protection, but not really enough palm protection... not too bad for $60
  7. The sides of all fingers are leather, but they have little holes punched in them that allow for air to circulate. The palm has grippy material that I think is a textile with little rubber moulded knobs all over it. I too rode with dirt bike gloves last summer, and since decided they were of no protection if I came off, only good for stoping my hands getting blisters.
    Having said that, I also loved the "Troy Lee" gloves I tried on at yamaha city the other week too, $125.
  8. +1 ,cool as, have to make up your own mind on level of protection.
  9. just bought a pair fo rjays jet stream gloves.
    60 dollars
    full leather palm and the plastic c/f knuckles
    mesh on top.
    quite cool allows a lot of air in.
    around some of the seams they're abit stiff and annoying at first,
    but within 20mins got used to it
  10. A comprehensive review there Vic. Pros and cons weighed up nicely. :p :p
    Are they fulli sik?
  11. only if thorpy says so ;)
  12. Alpinestars SMX-6 mesh gloves. Leather palm, light padding across the knuckles and lots of mesh. For $69 I dont rekon you will find better :grin: