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Summer Gloves

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. I need to get another pair of summer gloves. My current gloves, C & R Sport have seen better days. I can get another pair for around $55, but before I do, I'd like to know what you guys have for summer riding.

    Ideally, they'd have to be able to cope with cool to hot weather. The C&Rs are not too bad in this respect.
  2. I've a dedicated set of warm and cold/wet gloves. Both by Alpine Star and while very good, a bit expensive.

    However. I recently got a set of the Oxford thermal liners. They're waterproof, windproof and were only $25. May be just what you're looking for to expand the range of your regular gloves?

    www.oxprod.com - under the ChillOut section.
  3. I use a pair of Alpinestars SMX-4. I reckon they are fan - bloody - tastic. Very good tactile feel, very cool to wear on stinking hot days and i dont get sweaty in them. The only down side is that they will set you back about $70 - 80 dollars.

  4. I actually ended up buying a pair of Shift gloves that are really for dirt type riding but let heaps of air in. Only downside is i dont know how they'll go if i come off at any speed.

    As such will probably by some mid-range gloves for fanging it on hot days. Thanks for posting the topic as it was on my mind too. :applause: Will keep an eye on your post for advice.
  5. Ive got a pair of force wet/cold gloves. Not the nicest things to ride in but they are waterproof and very warm. Otherwise Ive got a pair of AGV Sport gloves....good quality, good feel. I think both pairs cost me about $80 from the sale at the showgrounds the other month.

    Go check out A1 in flemington rd or ringwood and have a look. They always have good specials on.
  6. I have a pair of 'poor girl's' Dainese summer gloves....I think they were not too expensive. I didn't but them, though, and I've had them for a couple of years now. They've lasted really well, in spite of my shocking abuse of them (as with all my gear :oops: ), although, I DON"T recommend getting them wet. They make my hands go blue :shock:

    :D :D :D
  7. I just got a pair of Shift gloves as well, and the packaging said they were for road/trail/moto.

    They're complete mesh on top and complete leather underneath, with additional padding on the "heels" of the palms....

    On sale at Sunbury Yamaha for $35, so I was pretty happy with that. Haven't given em a real test in hot weather yet tho, although I'll be wearing them tomorrow.

    Same as you Saz, dunno how they'll go in an off, but I'm over wearing gloves that are too thick all year round. I have heaps of trouble getting them small enough for my hands, and when they are small enough, the frikkin fingers are nearly always still too bloody long.....

    So, I'm pretty happy with these :)
  8. gloves

    Hi ... after buying a pair of summer gloves a couple of weeks back (RJays), and riding home with them on, was hit by a swarm of bees and they really hurt, so have gone back to the padded gloves, Shoei tourmaster mk11 these are my favourite gloves of all time, had them forever ... or so it seems. Value my hands, prefer to feel that they will be ok if I come off. Hope this helps.
  9. Used to ride trail so never had experience with road gloves but since riding on road been using some Alpinestars SP3's. They ticket for $100 but picked up a couple of things from the shop so got a discount to $80 and they've been awesome. Breathable leather with thick kevlar pads in all the right places.
  10. I've got a pair of RJays Tempest gloves. Fantastic when it's cold, and fantastic when it's hot. They're only thin (I hate big thick winter type gloves), and aren't too expensive (about $50 I think). :)
  11. Thanks for the replies and suggestions, folks. It's given me some good info.

    I'll check out the Rjays and Shift brands. As I've said orginially, I've been happy with the C&R Sport gloves. But if there's anything better, I'll give them a go.
  12. I came off when using the "Shift" off road glove - was doing 50kph and on gravel. The glove survived without even a scratch.
  13. I have a pair of AGVSport summer gloves
    lightly padded with kevlar palm and finger/thumb insert
    nice lightweight protective gloves...
    cuff long enuff to cover sleeve
    from memory $70 at my local Kwaka dealer


  14. At the moment Peter Stevens in Geelong have a few summer gloves on sale. I bought a pair of coolite Dririders for $30 but time will tell as to how they will last. I hate thick gloves & have been riding round with nothing on the pinkys for the last couple of months so anything will be better than that!!
  15. The most comfortable and warm winter gloves that I had were actually mittens. Made of leather and wool lined, they kept my hands warm. People complain that mittens are restrictive. But with me, as long as I could use my thumb for indicator control, I didn't have a problem with them. They were also not straight jacket-like, unlike my DriRider winter gloves, which give my hands cramps.
  16. DriRider DriMesh has served me well. They're light and extremely well ventilated for people like myself who warm up quickly :wink: . They are leather on the palms/bottoms and Mesh on the uppers/back of hand and have carbonkevlar over the knuckles and mid finger joints - for punching thru a cager's window :evil:
    And they do serve their main purpose; which is to protect your skin, as I found out.
  17. When I first started riding, I had a pair of Joe Rocket Phoenix Gloves (mesh type). Horrible gloves!!!

    I now buy nothing but Dainese. I have a pair of Speed Metal Gloves and a Dainese Slam Gloves.

    I will always wear leather over anything else because they provide better protection and I just don't want to sacrifice comfort over safety.
  18. I tried a pair of them on when I was in the shop the other day. They were too small, so I'm waiting for them to get some larger sizes in for me to try.

    I'm wondering if they're like my Spidi Mesh jacket - on anything other than warm to hot days, they'll be too breezy. My current, but worn out C&R Sport gloves are not bad when it comes to compromise. Good in hot weather. Still get sweaty in them. Can handle cooler weather. Feel great. Not tight, etc..

    I s'pose I could carry a coupla pairs of gloves and change them as the weather changes. Might do that, huh?
  19. The gloves I bought at the shopping night last night sound similar to them. They are RJays Jet Stream Gloves. They have the mesh on top and leather on the palms with the carbonkevlar on the knuckles and the best thing.......they were only $59.95 without the discount :D
    I tried them on last night for the ride home and only got about a KM down the road and I had to stop and change them, my hands were like ice blocks, but I'm sure they will be great on the hot days :D :wink: