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Summer dilemma for a total noob

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GEIST, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new around here, and I'll be picking up my first bike shortly (CBR250RR) to learn on.

    My dilemma is actually on wearing protective gear.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to it, but at the same time I'm not a full on speed freak, I actually don't enjoy going really really fast.. And I wanted to know what people would recommend in terms of gear for the hotter months?

    It's so dam hot and I'm the type of person who will have all the enjoyment of riding sucked right out of me if I have to sweat and over heat to hell in a thick leather jacket.. I would rather not ride at all..

    What do people do in the summer months? I need ideas. I want to be safe, and I want to make the right decisions, but at the same time I don't want to destroy my experience of riding.. I bloody HATE being really hot, it effects me in such a crap way, headaches, tiredness and frustration to name a few of the symptoms I'll be feeling cooking away in a heavy jacket..

    As I am very new to riding on the roads, I just want to know how other people go about it, and what you've done in your experience in riding in Australia.
  2. Get a good lightweight perforated summer jacket. I love my leather jacket but I could never wear it in summer. The Dririder summer jacket and a t-shirt are all I need, it also has a liner I can put in if things cool down a bit later in the day.
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  3. Thanks Senna, that actually looks like a really nice riding jacket too! Although it still looks so hot :depressed:
  4. I find it ok, it's well perforated on the front and sleeves. Look it all depends on what level of protection you are comfortable with, personally I'd prefer to be slightly underdone gear wise than passing out with heat exhaustion.
    Then I've never come off a motorcycle and i've been known to squid it to the shops.
  5. I have a ixon sismic textile jacket that is mostly mesh on the front which is good. It still has armour and spine protector in it for safety too. if it's 30 deg plus the only thing I'll be riding is the jetski though..
  6. Have you considered that what you experience is not overheating but dehydration? My solution is to wear 330gsm kevlar lined jeans and hoodie which let through heaps of air, it's a compromise. I also carry plenty of water and drink regularly.
  7. Don't be tempted to go without gear, better to sweat than bleed, having said that, I've got a Dri rider mesh jacket, kevlar jeans and perforated gloves, it does get hot but not too bad however I'm riding country roads not in city traffic
  8. I ride with a fairly heavy leather jacket, jeans, Dririder gloves, and Dr Martens (all black) in summer without any real issues. Gets a bit warm, sure but by no means unbearable.

    Having said that, I ride mostly country and coastal roads. I would imagine stop / start riding in traffic would be a nightmare in that sort of gear.
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  9. I agree with above. A headache hurts less than gravel rash. And hydration is critical. I find I only get hot when not moving so riding in traffic is crud in summer.

    I do a lot of pushbike riding and we wear what equates to two handkerchiefs and an ice cream bucket and I've seen some terrible injuries at those speeds (which can get up to legal motorbike pace at times but mostly 30-40km/h on average). So when I throw a leg over anything with a motor I put everything I own on (normally leather perforated jacket, Kevlar jeans, and motorbike boots).

    Find some good ventilating gear and accept that there will be times when it's stinking hot but they are well overshadowed by the joy of riding.
  10. I ride in the city every day and rarely stop moving. :hungry:

    Seriously though, I have a dri rider jacket that is pretty much mesh with all the liners out which I use. That said, I've not commuted in the middle of summer yet in Brisbane.

    I like the look of that jacket posted above. My jacket is black, and I'm thinking a white one would be the go.
  11. dririder have summer pants that are also fairly good. think they are dririder air ride. and mesh backed gloves. if you go for a run and it doesn't matter what you look like at the end, an evaporative vest can help. (Ice vests are marvelous when its seriously hot but don't last long).
    My summer jacket is white perf leather.
  12. I bought a dri rider hoodie to go to the gym/shops and back. Saves me putting on my proper jacket and I can wear it out if needed too. It's super breathable and doesn't get too hot. Apparently it has Kevlar in the shoulders and arms too. It's a good option for shorter rides and keeps me way cooler than my textile jacket
  13. You can also look for cooling underwear - long sleeve jersey and pants. I bought mine from Rebel but many motorcycle shops have it too.

    It is amazing how more comfortable it becomes to ride in hot weather.
  14. Hi, I have exactly the same problem with finding good summer gear. Unfortunately the Australian dealers have very little stock of good summer jackets and those they have are mostly in very dark colors. I am still wearing a Dririder Dri-Mesh jacket, which lets more air through than their newer models. If you look at the US market, companies like" Firstgear" and " Speed and Strength" make excellent mesh jackets in a choice of color with armor. They can be imported for less than what you pay in Oz. A mesh jacket is not quite as good as a leather jacket, but it is a damn side better than a t-shirt. I know that most riders like their black gear, myself I will gladly wear a white or silver one in summer, if it keeps me a few degrees cooler. Same goes for the helmet.
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  15. During summer I mostly ride in RST mesh jacket, kevlar jeans, light motorcycling shoes(a bit less protection than the bigger ones but the ventilation is way better) and leather riding gloves(yet to find a perforated ones). Feels perfect while moving but still can get very hot when stationary. I occasionally squid when I know it'll be a relaxed short-ish ride but I generally prefer to ATGATT, simply because I feel that I'm not that good of a rider yet. But I think that you have to seek a compromise between armour and ventilation as losing focus due to overheating could seriously affect your riding skills and lead to a disaster. And of course staying hydrated is extremely important, especially in summer.
  16. RST mesh jacket for me (secondhand on Gumtree). Add some Draggin cargo pants and it's quite pleasant, unless you're stationery for too long.
  17. I am most definitely not an All The Gear All The Time (ATTGAT) advocate. However, given you are a new rider I would strongly suggest you get yourself the best fitting gear you can afford and wear it. I would also suggest you get yourself some extra training.

    These days (I've been riding on the road for 20 years) I don't always wear all the gear, but I also know, understand and accept the risks.

    Someone above mentioned wearing heavy leathers in summer. Their choice. I did it once riding from Geelong to Wagga, never again - heat exhaustion/stroke is a real biatch and had the real possibility of killing you.