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Summer blood challenge!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. The red cross needs blood, and netrider has been put down as a group for the summer challenge. Come on, you tough bikies!! Donate blood. It's in a good cause, you never know who may have an accident and needs blood. Another point, surely you don't want the cops to win?? :deal:

    Don't forget to nominate "Netrider" as your group.

  2. + After giving blood you get free cookies AND it only takes 1 beer to get you smashed!

    That's like win, win, win... no wait, just 2 wins; unless you save a kid's life. Then it's win, win, win.

    ... unless you get a hangover, yeah - then it's just win, win.
  3. if there was a way of giving blood that didnt involve needles..then i would be there

    yes im a fairy and i hate needles :p
  4. I don't think I'm eligible - too many drugs :LOL:
  5. +1 :grin:

    Recipient of my donation will be f*cken stoned in no time. :LOL:
    That may not be a bad thing actually? 8-[

    Thanks for the reminder dood. I'm going outside then going to bed. O:)
  6. Why bloody post when you have no intention of donating blood?? :?
  7. Obviously I was reminding MG he can't donate because of his dodgey blood. :cool:

    But seriously, I would like to donate - despite my insane fear of needles (doc broke needle off in me once, traumatized me!), I'll see about it soon.
  8. Raven and I have donated, but completely forgot about filling in the book or whatever to say we're netriders. They've got the blood - that's all that really matters, right? :?
  9. Never gave blood before, feel a bit guilty about it, always wanted to.

    I'm in, where do I sign?

    Can they tell me what blood type I am? I've been curious for ages.

    and whats this cookie shit? My brother got a monster thickshake and hotdog last time he went!
  10. Is the netrider group a national thing?

    Im in in wodonga at the moment and was gonna head over to albury and give blood. Can i put down the netrider thing? I dont think i can handle letting cops win anything...

    Though the jerks are on their last warning. Despite the fact ive given blood religiously every three months the last few years they still seem to call me twice a week to ask for more, despite the fact you cant even go that often!

    Told em one more call and no more blood for them...
  11. I'm a month overdue for a draining. Dragging the daughter along next time. Hobart Red Cross don't know about any challenges, although they said they have a book. I'll look into it some more next time.
  12. copied from the red cross website:


    Drug use (recreational) - Can I still donate blood even if I have taken recreational drugs?

    This will depend on what drug was taken and how and when it was taken. If you have ever used intravenous (IV) drugs not prescribed by a registered medical practitioner, even once, you will not be eligible to donate. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service values the privacy of donors. All interviews are conducted in private and donor confidentiality is always maintained.

    Please call 13 14 95 for further information.
  13. I've still got 6 months left of ineligability. Was a regular donar before I got my latest tattoo though and will continue once the 12 month restriction is up.
  14. have always wanted to but lived in the UK during mad cow era and have been banned for life. someone give on my behalf eh? it's a bloody good thing to do :LOL:
  15. I've been 'mad cow' quarantined as well. Loved those Pommy pub steak and kidney pies, but now can't donate blood.

    Apparently the incubation period for CJD (the human form of BSE (mad cow disease)) is unknown, but could be decades. Hence the ban

  16. Hi Matty B

    Yes - you will find out what your blood type is. It will be printed on your membership card, which you'll receive a few weeks after your donation.

    You can sign up online at www.donateblood.com.au and someone will call you to set an appointment for your first donation.

    The food on offer after your donation can vary a bit according to the time of day and also between different donor centres.
  17. Summer blood challenge is running in Vic and NSW at the moment. But don't let that hold you back, fellow Netriders.

    Can anyone guess where I work, yet?
  18. How About Queensland!

    I've read in some other rider sites that the "Summer Blood Challenge" is or is about to be up and running again. What peeves me off is that it does not include Queensland! I went last year and saif I wantet to give on behalf of Netrider and they just looked at me like I was retarded! Can anyone with contacts at the Red Cross find out why Queenslanders can no contribute? I'm a regular doner and would like to support Netrider in this cause - particularly with a friendly battle against the long arm of the law!
  19. i'd love to give blood but got my last tattoo about 4 months ago :( does anyone know if it's 1 or 2 years you have to wait after getting inked?