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Summer Blood Challenge 2008/2009 Commenced Yesterday

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. For those that are not aware, Netrider took 3rd place honours in the Winter Blood Challenge this year.

    Now it's time to make an impression on the Summer blood challenge.

    I'm going to try and get down there on Sunday the 14th or failing that one day during the week.

    Lets see if we are capable of placing in the top 5 this year.

    If anyone want's to organise a group bleed then feel free to............Holly ;)
  2. love to help but they wont take my red stuff... :-(
  3. Yep, just got my letter in the mail so i'm in.

    If anybody is wondering what the advantages are of giving blood, here's one....
    after you've given blood you can get twice as pissed on the half the alcohol, so it's a good way to have a cheap night out*.

    * another festive season tip brought to you by the blood bank
  4. I can give blood again in early Jan - and most of my weekends are booked up until then anyway.

    Any one interested in turning up if I organise a donation / BBQ on the 3rd or the 10th of Jan?
  5. i haven't donated for a while. so i'l lbe in before christmas for sure :) mobile one is around my way pretty often.
  6. :-k I didn't get a reminder letter, but I'm definitely due. My last donation was with the NR crew... if I don't organise myself, I'll tack onto another NR event. :)
  7. How do the votes go to netrider?
  8. You nominate Netrider and that you are partaking in the summer challenge when you get there
  9. i saw the NSW police commissioner walk out of the clarence st blood bank yesterday with several other police.

    i donated yesterday myself but didn't know to nominate netrider...will do so in 3 months on my next one
  10. Can you add to the NR tally at any blood bank?
  11. Yes.
  12. I've nominated Netrider when I donated plasma/platelets. I think my next appointment is at the start of March, but I think that could be too late to have another round credited to Netrider... sorry :cry:
  13. i rang to donate at ringwood and was told that for the time being they have too many people to cater for so i filled in the online appointment form and now will wait to hear back but will nominate nr for the challenge
  14. Sunday the 15th. :)
  15. blood and plasma

    was up at airport west on wed and they took a small amount of plasma after drac stabbed both arms and got a dud 'refill' vein good for blood in a about 8 weeks sorry.
    Email and I'll be there, i dont normally look on this forum, just fluked it tonight.
    cheers to all