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Suizuki GS500e

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by joël, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. are these any good? Reliable?

    i've just got my L's and i have been thinking of getting a zzr250/gpx250 but thier is a GS500e with 40,000 km's for $4100, with a full service history. would it be a good buy?

    I've been thinking on a gpx/zzr cause they are reliable and easy to maintain, and sporty, but would this bike be good too, or wouldnt it be good through the twisties?

    by the way i'm in the ACT so its L legal.

    Thanks heaps, Joël
  2. It's a GREAT first bike.
    Naked/ practical, cheap to run and maintain/ insure...enough punch to not get boring after a fairly short while...yep, a good 'un. Reliable, too.
    Btw, saw a new one (last years model) for $ 7100 on-the-road at BTX Motorcycles/ Fern Tree Gully/ Melb., about 2 mths ago.

    The Kwaka ER5 is very similar in most ways, just a bit more top-heavy (and more expensive), harder to get 2. hand and aftermarket parts for.
  3. I have had my gs for a couple of years now and its been great, Its reasonably quick of the mark, pretty light so its easy to throw around, and I get about 300ks to a tank of fuel.
    Also being a naked bike its pretty cheap to repair if you drop it unlike full fairing bikes. (left disk lock on a while ago and tried to take off, cost me $15 for a new brake lever).
    other then that mine has done a few ks(brought the odometer back to 000000 and some) and for all that I havent had a problem with it mechanicly.

    hope this helps, feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.

  4. I owned one a few years ago and would highly recommend it - bulletproof, light, fast enough and loves to rev way up there 8)

    Also good if you want to start tinkering with mechanicals as pretty straight forward parallel twin
  5. yeh thankx heaps for the replies.

    I will go tomorow to have a look at the bike. 40,000 k's for this kinda bike isnt much is it? also if anyone knows of any problems that i should look for?

    thanks again, and if all goes well i should be up and riding soon!

  6. If you are lucky enough to be able to get a Leaner Approved Motorcycle instead of a 250 then I'd say go for it. You will get more use out of the bike before you feel the need to trade up and it will be more versatile in the uses you can put it to. And the GS500 is probably a _better_ learner bike than high revving underpowered 250's. Enough power for sensible use without the learner needing to worry about lots of clutch slipping and lots of gear changing.
  7. For $4100 it is..
    Looking at new price of about $7k O/R, picking, say a '99 model with 40.000km , around the $3200 sounds right, if all looks ok.
  8. yeh i went and had a look and a spin. it was very nice but he wouldnt neg. cause its only been for sale for 1 day, so maby later :(

    thanks for the replies
  9. Have a look at the private ads too. AS of december last year I dropped my bike to 5750 negotiable (i wanted 5500). It was New may 2003 had 25000 on it and had a few months of new bike warranty left.

    If you find one and it's a bit high $$ wise. Maybe point out to the owner that you can give him much more than a trade. I got jack of waiting to sell it and traded it for 4500 - worst trade offer 4100. Best private offer was 5100, but at the time it wasn't right BUGGER.

    Just for imformation sake mine was 7700 on road New in may 2003.
    AND i saw a 2003 in the paper for 5750 that was 2003 with low 20000's on it. (that was the Central Coast Advocate). If you're interested i could russell up the number for that owner But it's a bit of a drive from canberra