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Suitable bike for a big guy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rc36, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. I have a good mate in Canberra who is anxious to get back into motorcycling again after about a 10 year absence. He wants a bike that's comfortable to ride and isn't into R1's or bikes with a similar riding position.

    His problem is he is 6'7" tall, (not sure what that is in metrics but it must be close to 2 metres) and he needs a bike that can fit HIM.

    Any suggestions? Not really worried about "to buys" at this stage, just some suggestions of bikes/types that would be suitable. Do we have any similar sized forum members who can advise??
  2. A friend who is a little taller, wasn't after a sports bike (found Ducatis " way too small") and was after a practical roadbike went with a Yamaha TDM. Bit outside the square. He's very happy.
  3. From memory, I think its a 900cc.
  4. restricted or not? if restricted and in canberra, i'd probably guess a GS or ER 500 would be a good start or maybe the hyosung comet (250 or 650, both the same size bike, both quite tall, both allowed...)

    if not restricted, then some of the older big bore bikes are quite large, or the above bikes are still decent aswell :D

    oh, and dirt bikes, most of them are comfy for the taller bugger. something like a XR or TTR 600 would be a grouse bike :D
  5. No, he's retained his road licence and wouldn't need a restricted bike. He wants a road bike, was seriously into touring before with an immaculate GS1000 Suzuki (circa 1980 model)
  6. GSX1400 maybe?
  7. i'm6'4" and love my gs adventure plenty of leg room and as comfortable as. just took the missus to cobar over the long weekend ( her first long trip)and she couldn't believe how comfortale it was after 1000k and only stops for fuel
  8. I'm with androo on this, if he loved his GS-1000 then a GSX-1400 would be just perfect. Or any of the big naked bikes, he can customise it to his heart's content.
    (I didn't have a bike for 20 years, but kept up my licence too, so I was able to get a "proper" bike when I came back; sometimes the things we do look more sensible in hindsight!)
  9. My mates 6ft 6' and fits his Hayabusa like a glove,rides it likes its a 600 sportsbike too,lol! :LOL:
  10. Mate at 6' 6", the Busa would LOOK like a 600 under him!!!!!
  11. Yeh, well I must admit my mate used to make his GS1000 look like a 250 too!
  12. lol!Yeah pretty much!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Yep, pretty much bang on 2 metres or it was last time I had to measure myself. :)

    To be perfectly honest I've never found my height to be too much of a problem though I'm reasonably well proportioned. If he's one of those blokes who has the majority of his height in his legs things might be different.

    The practical problems I find are:
    - that your knees can completely miss the tank 'cutouts' and can dig into things like the edge of the fairing, where it wraps around to the edge of the frame (on sports bikes in particular) and the cylinder heads on Moto Guzzis.
    - that bikes with low seat heights can leave your leg bent at 90 while your foot is flat on the ground - feels weird to me anyway.
    - the usual lack of comfort from 'folding up' on smaller bikes, particularly as the years progress - when I first rode my sister's Cagiva 125, within 90 seconds I'd developed cramps in both hips which was an interesting experience. :-s

    Anyway, the problem with providing any specific advice is that I've found very comfortable and uncomfortable bikes in all classes.

    As a general rule though, the dual-sport (Paris-Dakar replicas) are a good bet. Things like the BMW GS, Honda Transalp, KTM Adventurer. Or the 'naked bike' class such as the GSX1400, ZXR1200, CB1300 etc

    For something more sporty the Triumph Daytona (T595) was one I owned for years and found to be nice and comfy; likewise the Kawasaki ZX9R and even, surprisingly enough, the ZX7R. All these make nice road bikes and are more sports-tourers by todays standards.

    I haven't had too much experience with touring bikes but I can say that the K1100LT I rode wasn't any good due to the fairing issues mentioned above. As for cruisers I wouldn't really know but they certainly look uncomfortable. :)
  14. he could always get one of those custom harleys where his legs and arms are splayed out in all directions :p
  15. Triumph Tiger has a tall seating position - would be good for a tall rider. Most larger utility bikes (for want of a better term) like the GSX1400 should be fine too.

    I'm 6'5, and I've been uncomfortable on practically every sports bike I've sat on - the cutout problem mentioned before is a big problem, as are the general ergonomics for a bigger rider.

    Down the cruiser route - anything in excess of 1000cc should be big enough to be comfortable, and even some of the 800s would probably be OK too (Triumph America/Speedmaster are both pretty big bikes).

    If he's tall and heavy, remember to replace the shocks with something more serious, or he's gonna be hurting very quickly. Believe me, I know.
  16. I'm 6'5" and have no trouble on the ZX12 (strangely I couldn't get my knees into the tank cut outs on the older busa's but the new ones seem ok.. )

    Otherwise maybe try a sports tourer like the CBR1100XX or ZZR1200.. My old blackbird did Melb-Bris-Melb in 7 days and was comfey as hell..
    (Plus us big buggers can throw the little 1100 and 1200 tourers around like sportsbike's if we really try hard enough so tourers aren't a bad option)..

  17. Tell him to go for a KTM 950, with its 70m high seat it should suit him down to the ground :)
  18. True, and even then he'd still need knee scrapers :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Does he mind giving me some of his height?? :p I have trouble finding a bike that will fit me without adjustments. :?
  20. Go Have a sit on a DL1000. There real big and roomy