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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Matty, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Can i get any suggestions from experienced people - being young: 18 - 22; P platers who own a 250 as to what I can expect in terms of insurance?

    Im expecting something along the lines of a cold slap in the face with a large fish.. lol.. or something emotionally close :D

    Any advice/recomendations?

  2. Depends on lots of things.
    What bike you choose makes a hell of a lot of difference.
    Eg a cruiser like a Virago -> $300 to 500 per year full comp
    a sports bike like an RGV -> $2000 to "not available"
    Why dont you just ring some insurers and get a quote...
  3. haha rgv :p insurance companys know what powerbands are :D

    Vt250 Spada if anyone has firsthad exp?

    yea ill call around tomorrow, its like 9:15 atm :p lol, and i feel like talking :p
  4. Why not try the online insuremyride.com.au website. Will give you some indicative figures.
  5. mmm i need to set mine uo tooo...

    *following link*
  6. U can also try Western QBE online for a quote.