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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by n1ck, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. hi guys.. i've been working my butt off this past few months!!! been itching to buy a bike!! now i've got bout $3000 saved up and can finally start looking for a bike! wooohooo!!! anyways, just wondering wat u guys would choose.. a kawasaki gpx or a honda spada. i've came down to those two bikes. i like the honda spada better but since i can get the kawasaki gpx a lot cheaper, i'm actually leaning towards the gpx at the moment.. wat u guys think?? should i save a bit more and get the spada or should i just get the gpx, which i can get for about $2000. and which bike is better anyways???

  2. After doing my research, I'm looking at getting a gpx/zzr. There seems to be two reasons to get a cheap first bike: the drop factor, and the restrictions factor. I know I'll want a more powerful bike in a year and a half, so the lower the investment the better.

  3. honda cb250............you know you want it!!!
  4. You've probably already seen it but have a read of this
  5. thanx for the replies guyz.. but which bike is better?? i mean if you guys were to choose between the two bikes; say a gpx for $2500 and a spada for $3500 which bike would u guys choose??
  6. We haven't seen the bikes so can't give a definate answer. It would come down to condition, service history, age, mileage as well as potentially personal taste and colour. :wink:
  7. Get the cheap one, thrash n trash it and think about a nice bike when you get off yer L plates!

    Or, you could look after it and probably not lose any money on the resale.
  8. aren't you in sydney???

    you should be under a the LAM'S scheme or whatever it is. If so why are you looking at 250's?
  9. Personally, I like the Spada slightly more. The main reason for this was that I felt cramped Sitting on a GPX.

    I have heard alot of really good things about the GPX though, like that they go forever and that they're practically 'learner-proof': They get bought by learners, dropped by learners, fixed, ridden, dropped, ridden, ridden, fixed, traded, bought by learners, (repeat)...

    I didn't actually pay all that much attention to the one Spada I sat on - I wanted plastic and had pretty much settled on an across by that time, so I can't really say much about it. I think they're a nice bike though.

    If I was you and the GPX doesn't feel cramped, I'd probably go with it: Cheaper & more cool plastic...

    ...you really should get an across, though... ;)
  10. I went for the Spada as I couldn't find a GPX with low enough K's in good enough condition. Also the Spada has a good rep (search on these forums). I have nothing against GPX's though as this was what I initially wanted. I think the insurance might have been a bit cheaper on the Spada too. Anyways a couple of weeks on the Spada and it's good fun, nice clutch and the revs are good to work with around town.
  11. Either will be great - try both, and see which one is the more comfortable to ride: I guarantee one will tickle your fancy more than the other. Then go with that one! Motorcycling is as much a choice of the heart as it is of the head... ;)