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Suggestions - Track day/Weekend fun under $30K

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Farqall, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Just started looking for a new bike. Havent ridden for a few years my last bike was a gsxr600 (2000 model).

    Having some difficulty finding the info I really want to know on all but the R1, GSXR1000, ZXR1000 and CBR1000. (Im thinking a 1000cc full fairing bike is the sort of thing I want) The comparisons Ive read on those seem to pretty much rule out all but the R1 and GSXR (for what I want to do with it anyway).

    Basically what Im after is:

    1. The fastest track day bike I can get
    2. Something that will blow anything anyway in a straight line (from the lights)
    3. Something that looks hot
    4. A badge/brand that will make my mates jealous

    I know I will need to make some compromises but thats pretty much my order of priority.

    Having some difficulty getting the info I want on other options e.g. Ducati, MV Augusta etc. apart from whats on their websites (no prices etc).

    How much would a comparable ducati cost me (e.g. comparble in performance to the R1)? Is it possible to get a MV Augusta for around $30K? If so is it worth my while? Are there any other options I should be looking at? Obviously the Ducati etc will cost a bit more so keep in mind if I go with something cheaper it will be getting an exhaust, shocks etc almost straight away (if need be)

    Im in the very early stages of looking. I have a lot of research and decision making to go so any info, opinions, links to other articles/threads would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks heaps in advance.

    PS: Great site and forum looking forward to getting to know it alot better.
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  3. 1. Rider training will make you far faster than any bike alone will do. There are guys on 15yo 400cc bikes who can get around a race-track faster than what 95% of disillusioned posers on litre bikes can hope to achieve.
    2. Any idiot can go fast in a straight line. The trick is in the launch, and here once again, a skilled person on a 600cc bike can outdrag a numpty on a litre bike over the quarter.
    3. Looks hot is a personal taste thing. Buy what you think looks hot, but don't expect everyone else will agree with you.
    4. For the amount of money you spend on a badge/brand, that money is better spent on a cheaper bike and upgrading its components. That'll make for a faster bike around the track, and in a straight line, than any expensive off-the-floor bike for less than $30K will buy you.
  4. Thanks for that. I read that one and Ive added the RSV Factory to the list of things to look into.

    Yep I'll be gradually getting back onto the track and working on it (Im not expecting to turn up with a 1000cc's and be good straight away. I guess I'm after peoples opinions on what would be their compromise for all those four things.

    If I had the money Im in no doubt I would be getting a Desmodeci that type of bike appeals to me. Unfortunaltey I have nowhere near that sort of money so Im looking to get as close to that as I can for around $30K.

    Edit: Yep I know Im coming across as a bit of a poser and in a way I am but thats not the main issue (its number 4 priority lol)
  5. If I was going to get a track day bike, it'd be a honda rs250 2smoke or similar. Yumm.
  6. GSX-R1000 K6 thrashes the lot in road and track tests, although I believe the RSV has been taking master bike lately if you really wanna spend money. Fireblade is excellent too - next year's looks very exciting.

    For my money, Gixxer and plenty of riding instruction.
  7. How about a HRC RS250R?

    - Less than 100kg dry (216kg with me + 20 litres of fuel)
    - 90rwhp (absolutely ferocious powerband :arrow: brutal acceleration when needed)
    - Incredibly loud 2-stroke V-twin sound
    - V-twin pulses = extra grip when cornering + earlier acceleration out of corners
    - Flickable like a . . . push bike
    - Race-ready in every aspect
    - Sub-62 sec Broadford lap time
    - Get to make fun of mates on big bikes

    - Not roadworthy
    - Need a cage to take it to tracks (usu. end up carrying all sorts of $h!t for others)
    - No starter motor (push starting is surprisingly easy but annoying)
    - Fairly expensive parts
    - High cost of maintenance (in terms of $$$, it's like owning three 2-stroke bikes)
    - Expensive ($26,000)
  8. I havent heard that about the gsxr1000 or the fireblade. Ive been looking at 07 models though. If the new cbr is quicker than the R1 its defenitlley an option for me. I love the look of cbr's and my first ever bike was a cbr250rr last review I read said they were under powered (07 model). That was in Performance Bike (P8) Oct edition (UK magazine).
  9. Underpowered???? compared to what a Saturn V rocket :roll:

    Unless your Rossi, Stoner or Biaggi you won't tap enough of their potential to make any difference apparent anyway...just buy the one that is shiniest and has the most power that way the others at track days will be in awe ...which it seems to me is what your trying to achieve.

  10. It depends on the racetrack as to what's faster. When it comes to bikes within a class, it's all largely splitting hairs with brand-loyalty advocates chest-beating about who's million dollar tricked out world superbike was able to beat out another brand's million dollar tricked out superbike. The answer is that world superbikes only have about the crankcases in common with the bikes that you buy off the showroom floor.

    Around a hyper-fast track like Phillip Island, a litre bike will be around 2-3s/lap faster than a 600cc bike. That's dependent upon rider skill though. 95% of riders will actually go faster around a track on a super-sport (600cc bike) than they will on a litre-bike, because the supersports are easier to control.

    Take the bikes up Reefton Spur and they'll be equal, but both would be probably be left behind by a KTM Motard, or a Triumph Street Triple. Along the Black Spur (mix of slow corners, fast corners, short straights and sweepers), there'd be nothing in it between a motard, a naked streeter, a supersport (600cc), or a superbike (1000cc). The difference will be the rider (and the tyres).

    Not meaning to keep on bursting your bubble, but the bike simply doesn't make any particular rider fast. Only the rider does that. Within any given bike class category, all bikes are so close to equal nowadays that it's splitting hairs to separate them. If you think that your bike is faster, reality will prove otherwise that it's the rider that makes the difference, and then what will all the "show" count for?

    Look, if you want a bike for people to drool buckets of saliva over, something like a Ducati 1098S, or an MV Agusta F4-312R, would be the ticket. They go just as hard and as fast as any other litre bike on the market. They're all roughly equal performance-wise.

    If you've got less than about 50 track-days under your belt, a super-sport class bike will likely be better for getting around a track for you. Something like a Ducati 848 would be perfect if you want people to drool as well.

    If you want to go fast on the public road under all possible conditions, something like a KTM Motard, or a Triumph Street Triple will fit that bill better than anything else.

    If you want to go fast in a straight line, go scratching your favorite sporting bitumen on weekends, go fast around the track, but park it when it comes to commuting and gravelly bumpy super-tight roads, then get a litre-bike (or the Ducati 848).

    Bikes are not like cars. What's faster is not exactly clear cut.
  11. Farqall, you're evidently new to all this so here's the deal. You buy me a Street Triple and I'll look good enough on it for the both of us.
  12. $30k to spend would be done like this for me-

    $18k on a new litre bike for the road, any of them, all the same performance, so which ever one you think looks HOT.

    $12k on a 2006 model 600cc track bike, plenty around, and as has been said, if you're good enough, you will smoke all but the best on a 600 anyway.

    This way you get TWO hot bikes and still have a bike when you slide one down the track. You also don't have to find one bike that will do everything, and your mate will be impressed that you have 2 bikes that are f#king awesome!
  13. Your evidently new to this thread... lol

    Thanks heaps for all the advice. got a few more options to look at now. I figured the MV's would be out of my price range didnt even bother ringing the dealer. How much are those F4R312's? I seem to remember that sort of things being massive $$$. They are absolute hotness though.

    Just clarifying a few things:
    I dont think the CBRS are underpowered I was quoting from a review I read (as I mentioned straight after it)

    Im not new to bikes/track days in general but it has been a few years since I switched to mx and then cars for a while. Im not sure why exactly I want a 1000 but I remember wanting more from my 600 gsxr even though i wasnt using all it had all the time. I think its about potential, or maybe its about compensating for my lack of skill with the extra bhp. And yes its about the look and feel of the bike as well (i dont care if that makes me a poser Im obviously not the only one).

    Once again thanks a bunch for all the advice its really helped me pick out a list to start working my way through.
  14. Lots of info in that post... I'd add KTM Super Duke to the list of consideration for similar reasons in Flux' post.
  16. Lol this thread is funny. I would go for a Ducati 1098 around $25,000.
  17. jesus man you are a bike dealers wet dream. just cruise into any dealer, tell them you've got 30K burning a hole in your pocket and watch the mayhem as they climb over one another to kiss your ass!!! :LOL:
    i kind of agree with nightgash - a 1098 has the bling factor along with the performance, and you aren't gonna go "unnoticed" to most of the general public (just don't don't bin it like the guy up at broadford a few weeks ago). I'd also look at the aprilia RSV for sure, the factory model is a beautiful piece of work. the twins might be a bit easier to go fast on if your out of practice, but any of the jap litre bikes will go harder than you can at about 2/3 the cost of the equivalent italians. Go with the heart.