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suggestions to make Make a 250 louder on a budget

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by zukboy, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. riders

    I've got a 99' ZZ-r250, nice little earner but i'm looking for a new DIY project and have turned to sound.

    I've got several welders and a bit of spare time, but i know nothing about exhausts. for those that aren't familiar with the bike, it has 2 silencers either side. to make the bike sound like a lawnmower/very cheap chopper, do i need to remove the silencers and weld on smaller or bigger pipes ?
    i was thinking of simply welding them on straight. i'm assuming the silencer has something inside that makes it quiter ( not an engineer)
    the idea is to weld on straight steel pipe either side.

    1- can i just remove the silencers and leave it at that or is that a little hot and dangerous?
    2 alternatively do i need to weld on pipes that are bigger( wider, in diameter and have a larger opening OR smaller/ same size as the pipe currently?
    3 - how will my performance get effected ?

    cheers boys and girls
  2. he keeps his cards close to his chest, i'll give him that
  3. cut the cans down shorter, weld ends back on
  4. Why would you want to purposely make the bike sound like a lawnmower?
  5. I am shervin and this is muffler........OMG
  6. DON'T......
    or you will be looking for another stock one when you get pulled over from the police or sell it. (and wreckers arent dumb.... they know their unobtanium new and they can charge a tidy sum) it used to be a good way of doing it. but road worthy laws are now too strict, and the dodgys are getting pushed out of the bussines

    better off trying a cheap ebay exhaust or looking for an second hand aftermarket one (wreckers are cheap for these ive heard, or stalk ebay)

    cheaping out now an modifying your stock exhaust will most likely be a headache and give wallet pains in the future
  7. thats what i'm starting to realise.

    I was considering completely removing the left cannister and cutting + welding the exhaust from the head into the right side pipe, but am now worried about rejetting and all that business.

    removing the baffles shouldn't effect the flow to the point of needing a re jet should it ?
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  9. Why would you want to draw attention to the fact you're riding a 250?
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  10. making some straight-through pipes would be cool!
    shouldn't be to hard if you can bend pipe and weld.

    but to make the bike faster re-jet the carby after you buy/make a better exhaust.
    (and clean the air filter and enlarge the air box opening)
    if you make the air flow better, you need more fuel from the carby!!!!

    (if your carb is CV)
    CV carbs can really be tuned to get better performance
    by circumventing any vacuum slide restrictions (filling/drilling air holes in the slide)
    and shortening their return springs
    richening the fuel mixture by replacing pilot jet/main jet
    adjusting the pilot screw
    and raising the jet needle

    then the bike will respond to the throttle
    and pull stronger

    PS I HIGHLY recommend staintune, although they are expensive
    and they are loud too
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Just unbolt the engine pipes, undo all the mounts and chuck the whole system in the garbage. Don't worry about rain getting into the cyclinders, it won't do any more damage to the performance than you will have done to it and it will be f**ken loud. If you're worried that the fuel tank might be suppressing some of the sound from reaching your ears, try cutting it in half with an angle grinder.
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