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Suggestions to keep warm?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by thepcman, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Hi from Sydney southern highlands, Winter is coming and I still ride, the problem is the older I get the more my body parts hurt, I am looking at ways to stay warm through the winter. I have heated handle grips on my 1995 Triumph Sprint and wear a leather jacket and have decent riding boots. Any other suggestions to help keep toasty warm would be welcomed.

  2. I can put you in contact with a very good friend in Mittagong who rode from Epping West to Mittagong every day for years on a Triumph 955. What he doesn't know about rugging up for riding in the Highlands isn't with worth knowing.

    Oh, and welcome to Netrider...
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  3. Thermal undies! Layers. Neck warmer and/or balaclava. Undergloves. You didn't mention what pants you have but those would need to be decent as well, wind and waterproof for the win.
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  4. Aldi have some good undergarments for motorcyclists, when their next sale is on be quick.
    Neck warmer is a must as are good trackies under leather p[ants or good textile pants with a liner.
    Heated handgrips are definitely the go though.
  5. Thank you that would be appreciated.
  6. I use jeans but have winter pants, I think thermal wear under the pants would be suffice.
  7. Good advice, Aldi does not have in stock this week.
  8. Get some wet weather gear, DriRider or Gortex Stuff, very warm.

    At a minimum get some Gortex Water Proof gloves, if you can keep you hands dry and warm, this helps a lot.

    I commut 120km a day, and start up in the mountains and end in the Melb CBD, rain, hail or shine, although I am not keen on the Fog in the Hills, Kangaroos hide in the Fog! :eek:

    I have the Nordic DriRider Jacket & Pants, Alpinestar Gortex Waterproof Gloves, Neck Warmer Sock, and I have a set of Dainese Torque Boots, which are supprisingly waterproof considering they are not a specific wet weather boot. Manage to stay warm, and mostly dry. I dont think you can stay 100% dry in driving rain in any wet weather gear, but happy to be proven wrong.
  9. Old-school wool; jumper, neckwarmer, scarf. Not very bulky but very warm.
  10. I hate the cold, have a look at some bark buster blizzards, easy to put on and take off for summer, they make a huge difference. I also use one of these HEATED TRI-ZONE BASE LAYER SHIRT
    Plus layers, layers and layers!!!!!
  11. I've got a Rukka outlast shirt
    Outlast - Long sleeved shirt
    which works really well as a base layer. Its a phase change thing so it doesn't get too hot like normal thermals can. I then have an Oxford chillout shirt as midlayer.
    Oxford Chillout Shirt
    This has a warm windproof front and a coolmax back. This avoids a problem I have with fleece etc where my chest is warm but my back is too hot. If its really cold I put a light fleece top under that. Have normal thermal leggings.
    I believe Knox also have really good stuff but I haven't tried it.
  12. Aldi motorbike gear is usually first or 2nd week of August.

    Or, if you ride past an Aldi, just watch for the Saturday that the carpark is chock full of bikes!
  13. Nothing else to say, its been all covered ,except maybe a pin lock visor. You can keep it shut and no fogging. Neck sock has been a revelation. Great gadget. Best time of the year to ride, way more pleasant than mid summer
  14. I use waterproof spray with jeans underneath. They seem to keep my legs warm on the three days in Brisbane per year that it's considered cold.
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  15. G'day thepcmanthepcman. One Winter accessory already suggested is a neck warmer - I have a Halvarssons neck collar which has a breathable waterproof outer layer and soft fleece inner layer. It worked very well through last Winter in early morning temperatures as low as -4°C. Unfortunately I have not found an Australian retailer that stocks these so I bought two via Amazon UK.
  16. I highly recommend an Avade heated top, well worth the $.

    Here is the write up I gave it in a thread on heated tops-

    Heated Vests
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  17. I feel your pain.!!! I have barkbusters (heated grips to be put on). I swear by wearing a reddog. You can get them online or at Bungendore. I have a neck warmer which can go over your head under the helmet. Winter gloves are a must...and I usually have tights under my Kevlar jeans....
    Also where do you get Sydney southern highlands from ? I know lots of Sydney siders live here and commute but it isn't Sydney....(thank god)
  18. Cuddle up to a passenger.
  19. bit hard when you are by yourself...:)
  20. I didn't think that was possible for a lady....
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