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Suggestions please - What else is like a Z750?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rybky, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Having test ridden a Z750 at the weekend I am hooked on the idea of a bike of this style and very keen on an i4.

    So what else is like the Z750?

    My requirements are simple:
    1. Seat height >=800mm
    2. Upright seating position
    3. Smooth engine
    4. Available used for <$10k and <4 years old

    Most bikes are ruled out based on seat height, one I have found is the CB600F which also looks great, so will try and get a test ride on one of those.

    Anything else I should consider?


  2. FZ6 Yammy, Triumph street triple. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  3. I hate to state the obvious, but if you like the z750, you will LOVE the z1000. fits all your criteria too and hard to have more fun on a bike!
  4. yep, go the z1000.

    althogh i have heard it called 'the toyota camry of motorcycles' the Hornet 900 would also be worth a look (sorry H9 owners!!)
  5. What would the Z1000 give me over the Z750 though? I think it might just be excessive, most of my riding is commuting in Sydney traffic so the added expense of the 1000 (insurance, fuel, etc.) is probably not worth it as I will only really feel the difference occasionally at the weekend if I go out on it.

    As for the CB900, hmm, not too keen on the design there, I like the modern look not the retro look, hence why the CB600F appeals.

    I have been looking at the Street Triple but I think they are a little expensive still on the used market, will check it out a bit more.

  6. fair point. here's a couple of thoughts... I think the difference in fuel/insurance between the 750 and the 1000 would be negligible (although I'm happy to be preoven wrong). Furthermore, any difference in the above costs would be taken up by an improved re-sale value of the 1000 over the 750. As a day to day commuter, there is bugger all differnce in the bikes, so if it is only on the weekend blat that you are going to feel the difference, why not buy the one that is going to be more fun on those occasions?
    I may be just a tad biased because I recently bought a z1000 and it is seriously the most fun I've had on a bike in a long long time!!!
  7. The 1000 has better brakes and suspension, plus better low down (and everywhere else) grunt. Weight is pretty much the same because the 750 is the same motor apart from the smaller slugs inside. Everything I've heard and read says it's great city bike.