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Suggestions on learner legal bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ignius, May 21, 2007.

  1. Howd'y All

    I'd like to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Mitch and I live in Cairns... hows ya'll?

    Anyways, now I got that outta the way, back to my question. I'm looking to purchase a secondhand 250 roadbike to learn on and was wondering if any of you have pro's and con's for each bike etc. I have a budget of around 5k. I dont want something brand new but fairly decent. Also, I know this sounds like im a crotch rocket racer, but in your suggestions I need something that is higher up in the power level class. Reason I say this is I'm 95kg and 6'2". Ive been riding dirt bikes for years and know how to ride reasonably well.
    Ive been looking at possibly a yammy zeal, hornet or spada. (im new, so open my eyes:))

    So, In all which would be some suggestions for a good solid 250 base. Prefer 4 stroke.

    Thanks in advance for all that can help me in my search.
  2. All three are good options though the Spada is a fairly small bike and not as powerful as the other two (since it's only 2-cylinder). Given your size the Zeal/Hornet would probably be better suited - also worth checking out the Suzuki Bandit 250 which is another large, four-cylinder 250 (250 Katana is also good if you can actually find one :wink: ).
  3. i was actually really keen on a zeal for some reason I like the way they are styled, katana's are fairly hard to find on the net for sale, but i never thought of the across. MM decisions decisions.. any other suggestions?
  4. At your weight, wanting a 250 to perform well is a hard ask. You'll be quickly bored on a 250 if you've been riding dirtbikes.

    The 4-cylinder 250's are revvy and have little torque at low revs which won't work in your favour at 95kg.

    It probably makes more sense to do the Q-ride thing and get a bigger bike such as a CB400 or a GS500.
  5. Yeah if you've got the option to go bigger than 250 then it may well be worthwhile - given your dirtbike background a Motard might be worth a look (ie DRZ400SM, XT660 etc.).
  6. well I was gonna go down the q-ride route to get my bike P's, and thought I should learn on a 250 for a while. God damn being a buff biatch sucks ass sometimes. So seriously, I would be fairly slow with a 250.. :( I'm actually getting a bike so I can commute up the range to my gf's place for cheap. Running my skyline up and down sucks ass. I guess I wouldnt really mind if the 250 wasnt fast as fast, but quick on corners and great on fuel.. hmmm
  7. not that i'm biased or anything :grin: but vtr250s are the ducks nuts. for all the reasons why, run a search and prepare to be overwhelmed with positive stories about them.
  8. get a Hyosung GT250R, you'll love it!
  9. Being tall why not just a road trail???

    XR, WR, TTR, DRZ, etc, etc.
  10. Despite what Loz says on here, I'm stearing my son towards one of these. We just cant tell his mum until its to late :grin: