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Featured Suggestions on helmet/bike cam

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Philzorz, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Am looking at getting myself a helmet/bike cam for mainly safety reasons and evidence of cager wrong doing. I am looking at the Replay XD 1080 Mini at $215 new delivered it is almsot half the price of the gopro cameras and can be helmet mounted unlike the horribly square gopro's. Anyone have one of these or any experiance with them that could shed some light on their overall quality/reliability? Thanks in advance, Phil.

  2. I have a Contour+2 (normally costs $499 at MCAS & $469 on ebay) but I was lucky enough to buy it brand new never opened for $200. It's much slimmer and more low profile than the boxy GoPro (I know how you feel. I feel the same way) & it does just as much. It can record in 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps (I go with 720p 60fps) as well as bluetooth connectivity to your phone & you have the option of GPS on it to track where you're recording from.

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  3. ah nice dude yeah will keep it in mind, that is a real steal u got it for tho im not sure if i will be able to find a deal that good
  4. I recommend you forget all this stuff and just learn to ride. The best roads ever are at your front door. I suggest you get one of these 20,000km later. Then you'll really appreciate it. You'll still grab a bargain somewhere.
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  5. I don't know about forgetting about it. What if he gets hit by some **** and he needs to prove it? That's where the camera kicks in. Also, it scares drivers to think twice before doing anything stupid to the motorcyclist.
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  6. Philzorz if you can afford to spend it, I can recommend to you either the Contour+2 or the Drift Ghost S. It's good to have a camera well mounted on the side of your helmet, but be sure to set up before departing & try not to divert your attention towards it whilst riding & you'll be fine.
  7. Drivers do not see riders in high vis vests. How will they see a small protrusion from a helmet? This guy lives in Cockatoo. On those roads, the rider needs to learn to corner properly, cars are a lesser issue. Learn to ride first, not to be distracted by an attachment.
  8. Which goes back to what I said in the first sentence. He can prove it at least. Cagers piss me off. I agree with you that practice is important, but I say just as an added insurance bonus that he mount a camera onto his helmet & as long he doesn't think about it & focus mainly on practicing while letting the camera do the rest of the work, it should be fine.
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  9. thanks for the replys guys, yeah i am working on learning to ride, i was wanting the camera for the simple fact that if i do get into trouble i will have evidence and also something to review to see what i could have done to not put myself in a similar situation. Will look into the contour as its cheaper than the drift i think, thanks heaps for the advice
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  10. No it doesn't. There's always someone like me who will get out the car and wander up into traffic to knock your stupid camera wearing arse out
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  11. They would have to have a damn good reason to do that (which 99% of the time is due to anger getting to the better of those idiots) & even if they did, I can either...

    A. Give them a good whack with my hard plastic-knuckled gloves.
    B. Play it legal with heaps of witnesses around me & sue the ****!
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  12. I just hope you don't have the camera as an excuse to provoke stupid behaviour from cagers. I see a lot of vloggers justifying the way they ride as the safest and claim to be calm and collective yet get irate at a cager who cut them off 100 metres up the road.
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  13. I prefer to simply not break rule number one... and cultivate good roadcraft, it's going really well so far. All evidence suggests it will continue to go well, I recommend it unreservedly
  14. this camera advice thread kinda blew out :) Just looking for a way to review my riding/others behaviours and see how i can improve or avoid sticky situations.
  15. Get a mentor instead.
  16. anyone willing to mentor a 30 year olds mid life crisis? :)
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    Last edited: Apr 18, 2015
    My apologies. I don't mean to condone violence upon anyone. That was just a choice but a choice I wouldn't really take unless my life depended on it & I really had to act in self-defense with reasonable force. Ultimately, it's okay to have a camera on your helmet just as long as you remain safe on the road and nothing to distract you too much.

    I just checked out that assault incident thread and all I can say is that we can't be 100%. As long as there is more than one individual in this world, there will always be an arsehole out there. We're not bulletproof nor can we have a 100% perfect lifestyle but we can minimise it as best we can by initiating these measures like the ones I've mentioned previously.